Retail’s A Wrap This December

With the holiday season upon us, we review a few of our favorite retail stories.

This is the season where retailers worldwide anticipate a big boost to their sales numbers.

Millions of consumers will buy holiday gifts for friends and family: padding each outlet’s bottom line for Q4. Some of the hardiest retail shoppers will have already socked away their purchases on Black Friday and many others will have hunted down deals on Cyber Monday. But regardless, retailers need to be ready for the onslaught.

How do they get ready? By knowing their consumers, their inventory and having a smooth running supply chain that is ready to pump out product at a moment’s notice. Over the course of 2016, we’ve written about a number of these organizations who are using Qlik for this very purpose and received great quotes in the process. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Arc’teryx – Stoked on Qlik DataMarket

“We initially didn’t have a presence in many of these locations and we only had local employee stories and incomplete data to base our prior decisions on. Qlik DataMarket gave us all the data we wanted, plus it was being constantly updated. Qlik DataMarket was the main reason we bought Qlik Sense; plus, it took us only about two hours to build a data model.”

Burger King Russia – Data’s Crowning Achievement

“The solution [Qlik] turned out to be very flexible and easily customized to suit our requirements. Now we can see the breakdown of revenue by receipts or separate meals, carry out a comparative analysis of each restaurant for the selected period or all of the restaurants in the region."

Akindo Sushiro – Tasty Sushi for all, Tasty Sushi for the Heart

“We came across Qlik while considering platforms capable of analyzing our existing 4 billion rows of data plus another minimum 1 billion being accumulated each year. We were really surprised by the high degree of freedom and rich capabilities in analysis.”

O’Neill Europe – Surfing the Data Wave

“Qlik Sense is exceptionally fast. This motivates our users to drill down and to really start discovering. Qlik Sense is also self-service: because the application works extremely intuitively, our users can get straight to work without training. For us, Qlik Sense was really the next logical step to gain insight into our data, and increase the effectiveness of the business.”

Some of the world's biggest #retail organizations are powered by #Qlik. Here are just a few of them:

Office Depot

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Source: TechValidate. TVID: F3A-49B-9A3


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