Remarkable ROI in Sales Analytics

Sharing a few of my favorite Qlik sales analytics ROI stories!

It’s not every day that a customer of a software vendor shares the quantifiable value they’ve achieved using the vendor’s products. After all, sharing the realized benefits can be perceived as giving away a competitive advantage or providing the software vendor an upwards hand in negotiations.

That’s what makes the real-world examples in this blog post so remarkable – these customers achieved real value and wanted to do the right thing by sharing their quantifiable results using Qlik’s analytics products. I’ve assembled 15 of my favorite sales analytics ROI stories below. All of these are taken directly from public-facing case studies so feel free to share away.

1. Cisco Systems:

  • $100+ million in additional revenue generated from the sales support and service contracts they are now able to monitor and quickly address
  • $4 million in cost savings
  • Click here for the case study
“QlikView provides a competitive advantage that allows us to take data from the ‘ivory tower’ and make it easily accessible to the average person. It is regarded as the primary services opportunity platform in our organization and has been a total game changer.” - Demian Barshay, Manager, Operations, Cisco

2. Andersen Windows:

  • 15% increased efficiency related to sales rep performance
  • 90 days to develop Qlik applications
  • Click here for the case study and here for the video
“Qlik helped us bring together data from multiple sources that don’t typically talk to each other. Having all this data in one platform has helped paint a much better picture of our sales force, increased efficiency and allowed us to spend more time looking at data and taking action rather than pulling it together.”
- Blaine Verdoorn, Director of Business Analytics, Andersen Corporation

3. WestPac BT Financial Group:

  • 96% year-over-year improvement in sales staff productivity
  • 22% increase in new business revenue
  • 12 weeks to deploy live from start to finish
  • Click here for the video
“We now rely on QlikView as the source of truth for our business” – Jeremy Smith, Sr. Manager, Distribution Optimization, BT Financial Group

4. California Casualty:

  • 25% improvement in sales lead conversion rates
  • 200 new sales per month
  • 1.6 to 2.0 increased average telesales per agent per day
  • 60% reduced time and IT resource requirements for regulatory reporting
  • Click here for the case study
“QlikView dramatically changes how things can be done. It empowers our managers with visibility into processes and insights they can use to better coach their teams and tune workforce practices in ways that improve performance.” – Satish Ranganathan, AVP, Applications Programming Manager, California Casualty

5. Illes Seasoning and Flavors:

  • 2 months to deploy Qlik on iPads for the entire field sales team
  • 40% reduction in sales team time spent on customer service communication
  • Click here for the case study
“We strive to provide our customers with highly customized solutions and it is essential for our sales reps to be able to access real-time product data and supply chain updates from the field when they meet with customers.” - Les Howell, Executive Director of IT, Illes Seasonings and Flavors

6. HDFC Life:

  • 50% improvement in customer response times
  • 17% accelerated business growth in two years
  • $400,000 achieved cost savings of in two years
  • Click here for the case study and video
“QlikView has given senior management a holistic view of our business. As a result, the company has grown by 17 percent over the past two years and we’ve achieved our aim of becoming the second largest life insurance firm in the country.” Ananthanarayanan V, VP, Business Insights, HDFC Life

7. Mitsubishi Electric:

  • 10-20% increased productivity of call center representatives
  • 10% reduced cost per website lead
  • 95% reduction in time and manual effort to produce reports
  • Click here for the case study and video
“In less than two months, we were able to realize a complete ROI and reach new levels of analysis that would have required the hiring of four additional analysts.” – Allan Dziwoki, Vice President, Business Services, MEUS

8. Lush:

  • £1 million in stock loss savings within two years while significantly boosting in-store profitability
  • 70% of sales staff uses Qlik daily and 100% uses Qlik weekly
  • Click here for the case study
“Shop managers have told us they’ve had their most profitable year ever. That’s because QlikView gives them access to all the data they need to manage their sales, stock and staffing. By gathering data together in one place for analysis, they can make smart, profitable decisions.” - Scott Silverthorn, Head of Data Services, LUSH

9. Bainbridge International:

  • <6 month payback period by allowing sales to be more targeted and giving sales reps a clearer and more focused perspective on any customer before they visit
  • Click here for the case study and video
“We are amazed with both the speed at which we can deliver a representative picture of customer relationships and sales opportunities, and the ease of use for a non-technical sales person to view the data by simply clicking on what they want to see.” - Nick Irvine, IT Manager, Bainbridge International

10. Gatorade

  • <1 week to develop first sales app and <1 day for subsequent apps
  • 4 months to realize full ROI
  • 1-4 hour previous reporting times reduced to 3 minutes in Qlik
  • $237 saving in employee time for each report generated
  • Click here for the case study
“With QlikView, we now have on-demand access to sales data that is refreshed every 45 minutes.” - Victor Aguilar, Support Sales Manager, Gatorade de Mexico

11. WebHelp:

  • 30% overall company revenue increase
  • 100% uplift in sales over 12 months for a leading brand
  • £550K cost saving in the last 12 months
  • 10% increase in customer service rating for a leading brand
  • Click here for the case study
“Initially, QlikView was adopted by 10-15 teams, totaling 750 employees. QlikView’s unique user-driven and intuitive tools allow our staff to control their individual data, and this has revolutionized the way we measure staff performance. QlikView is efficient, effective and easy to use.” - Niall Gallacher, IT Director, WebHelp

We compile 15 real world #salesanalytics examples with quantifiable ROI using #Qlik

12. ABB:

  • $770,000 saved per year
  • 5 full time position equivalent savings
  • Click here for the case study
“With Qlik’s Business Discovery Platform, we get accurate information for decision-making and an increased transparency of the information. We can make decisions faster and more efficiently, and now we can focus on our business deals instead of spending time examining and making sure that all the numerical data is correct. We have saved a number of working hours equal to five full-time positions, or SEK 6.5 million (US$770,000) per year.” – Mattias Nässén, Manager Commercial Applications, ABB

13. AON:

  • 1.5 days to combine data from, PeopleSoft, Oracle and Microsoft as well as build three interactive, dynamic Qlik apps
  • Click here for the case study
“In just one and a half days, QlikView allowed us to make data available from, PeopleSoft, Oracle and Microsoft, as well as build three interactive, dynamic applications that offer end users tangible value.” – Arjan (A.J.) van den Herik, Project Management Office Manager, Organization & Automation division, Aon Group Netherlands

14. Visionlab:

  • 5% improvement in sales
  • 30% increased productivity
  • 70-90% improvement in factory to shop service rates
  • Click here for the case study
“We’ve improved productivity by 30 percent and boosted the service rate at our outlets from 70 percent to 90 percent.” – Félix Calero, Organizational and Systems Director, Visionlab

15. Greencore:

  • 3 months to boost incremental sales
  • 20% increase in on-shelf availability
  • 3% reduction in waste
  • <1 year ROI
  • Click here for the case study
“Previously, Greencore Northampton used Microsoft Excel reports to monitor sales performance, which involved complex pivot tables and took hours of work to produce.” - Jenny Thompson, Commercial Executive, Greencore Northampton

You may be wondering if these 15 successful customers are an anomaly. Qlik recently engaged TechValidate to survey over 700 customers and the results were compelling: 90% of surveyed Qlik customers are likely to recommend Qlik.

Hungry for more? Check out my last blog post where I share a simple calculator to quantify the ROI of empowering sales representatives with analytics. If you are interested in analyzing the anticipate value of your planned or implemented BI investment, we’d be happy to schedule a brief workshop leveraging the sophisticated Qlik ROI Calculator. I hope you enjoyed the above examples and if you know of others or want to be added to the list, please add your comments below.

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