QlikWorld Lives On

QlikWorld was a tremendous success last month. It was our largest online event ever, with record-breaking participation across the board from customers, partners, prospects and analysts.

And the event lives on. For those who attended and for those who might have missed it, we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to explore the best of QlikWorld Online. We have created a “Best of QlikWorld” experience, making it easy for you to sink your teeth into some of the event’s highlights that are well worth your time.

From must-see keynotes delivered by our leadership team and customer advocates to the library of compelling breakouts led by some of the finest experts in the industry – we want you to walk away with an understanding of how Qlik is helping organizations turn data into business value – in ways unlike any other vendor in the market.

Our end-to-end solution enables organizations to act in real-time, allowing them to manage their business at the speed of data – and, most importantly, stay one step ahead of their competition. We call this Active Intelligence – our innovative approach that allows us to shift from traditional BI to active BI. This approach delivers continuous intelligence derived from a combination of cognitive and associative technology, real-time up-to-date data, and immediate action to activate data and drive outcomes that matter.

Our keynotes cover topics such as helping organizations lead with data through challenging times; a product deep dive into our unique, end-to-end data and analytics platform; and a real-world market perspective on how we help accelerate business value through data-driven transformation.

The product keynote details how to make data actionable and drive business value from it. In this keynote, and in select breakouts, you will hear from our leadership team and product experts on how Qlik helps our customers free, find, understand and take action on data. You’ll learn how our robust data integration platform delivers on the promise of DataOps for analytics, freeing data from silos where it resides, bringing all data sources together, and transforming data from raw to analytics-ready. Then, you’ll hear how our modern SaaS-first AI-driven analytics platform – Qlik Sense, helps people take actionable data to actionable insights, with new, unique capabilities and innovations that set us apart from the pack.

Finally, you’ll hear from many of our customers on how our platform delivers value to their businesses, how we are helping our customers modernize their existing deployments of QlikView, and how they are supported by our commitment to customer success and data literacy for all.

Explore some of my top picks from the QlikWorld breakout program in my session guide covering these topics, and more. Here are the highlights:

  • Learn how HSBC has simplified data management and monitoring.
  • Understand how Benjamin Moore is driving growth through customer centricity and dynamic analysis.
  • Understand how USAA made its journey to the cloud using Qlik's Data Integration offering.
  • Hear how our QlikView customers are modernizing their analytics while reducing costs.
  • Learn about the human impact of data literacy and the importance of democratization of data.
  • Get a view into Qlik’s innovations and advances in Augmented Intelligence moving beyond the dashboard.
  • Accelerate your cloud analytics with Data Warehouse Automation how to automate agile data warehouse pipelines.
  • Understand how to build a more effective data pipeline to support modern analytic initiatives using DataOps to bridge the divide between IT and Business Analytics.
  • Understand the agenda of the CDO, and how the Qlik platform delivers: the right data, at the right time, to the right people, to drive impactful business outcomes.
  • Hear how to accelerate the business value of your analytics solution by leveraging Qlik’s Enterprise SaaS offering, delivering value at scale.

In my guide, I did not highlight two of our most popular sessions – our strategy and roadmap for Data Integration and Data Analytics. Even though they are not in my top 10 list, I urge you to watch them on-demand, to fully understand how we are delivering on our vision and where we are investing for the future.


#QlikWorld lives on! Our own @jamesafisher writes about the resources available and his top picks to continue enjoying the event experience. Read his latest blog post.

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