Qlik’s Global Transformation Awards – Recognizing Customers Who Lead with Data

Following our first ever Global Transformation Awards at Qonnections last year, we’re thrilled to continue the tradition of recognizing customers that use Qlik as a key element in their digital transformations as they become organizations that lead with data.

Today at Qonnections 2019, we were joined onstage by Qlik customers representing a cross section of organizations from various industries that are leading the way in leveraging analytics to drive significant business outcomes. This year, we’re proud to recognize AmeriGas, Lloyd’s of London and Grupo Security as the 2019 Qlik Global Transformation Award recipients.

Here are some highlights of each of the winners:

  • AmeriGas: AmeriGas is the largest propane retailer in the United States, serving over 1.7 million customers in every state from approximately 1,900 distribution locations. AmeriGas leverages Qlik to provide its field and executive teams with real-time data to pinpoint delivery priorities, analyze and adjust distribution routes and service delivery based on customer needs, and to more accurately forecast and execute production needs for its distribution locations.
  • Lloyd’s of London: Lloyds is the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace, protecting assets, promoting growth and providing specialist insurance services to customers in over 200 countries and territories. Lloyd’s uses Qlik as a part of its global data transformation strategy with an emphasis on data literacy, a strategic priority for empowering people across the organization and market to get more insight and value from data.
  • Grupo Security: Grupo Security is a diversified financial group in Chile that offers a variety of services, including banking, insurance and asset management to large and medium-sized companies and high net worth individuals. Grupo Security created a data governance structure with a highly demanding challenge, and chose to build a single platform in Qlik which allows them to have just one information system that provides an integrated vision. This enables Grupo to focus all their efforts in creating a story of value for the Grupo Security Project and becoming the most powerful storytellers.

“Leading brands are embracing the power of data through Qlik as they execute company-wide digital transformation efforts. We’re thrilled to be on this journey with our customers, and look forward to helping them continue their evolutions through data.”

– Mike Capone, Qlik CEO

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