Qlik Welcomes RoxAI – Advanced Alerting and Intelligent Automation Comes to Qlik Sense

I’m excited to share today that we announced the acquisition of RoxAI and its Ping intelligent alerting software at our 2020 sales kickoff. This is becoming an exciting annual tradition – last year we similarly announced from the SKO stage our intent to acquire Crunch Data, which has been rebranded as Insight Bot. Like that announcement, RoxAI and Ping will help increase the value of data through insights delivered to users where they work. What makes RoxAI and Ping exciting is how the insights they create, through self-service intelligent alerts and automated workflows, can more easily and quickly allow individuals to go from insight to action.

That action part is crucial, and one of the reasons I’m excited about this deal. There’s a value chain to modern analytics that the Qlik portfolio serves, all in the name of shortening the time from data to action. When you free the data from its silos (Qlik Data Integration), you can more easily find the data (Qlik Data Catalyst) and then understand it (Qlik Sense). The last mile in this data value chain is being able to act on the data when it matters most to your business – when there is either opportunity or risk.And, this is where RoxAI and Ping shine.

RoxAI and Ping go beyond base-level alerts that are common in the market today. With Ping, any user can design and create their own advanced alerts around their own use cases based on their existing dashboards and data without needing a developer or administrator. Those intelligent alerts in the near future will also be able to automatically trigger data into existing systems and workflows (e.g., robotic process automation, ERP and CRM), which will spread the reach of real-time actionable data throughout the business. This is a real game changer for analytics users who can’t spend time during their day digging through dashboards, but need timely data for themselves and others to make decisions when they matter most.

Think about a sales person being able to receive an alert on a prospect issue and responding from their phone in real-time to save the deal. Or the clinician who gets an alert when a specific patient requires medication to avoid a seizure. Or the supply chain manager who finds out there’s an issue with a shipment delivery time while the truck is in transit, warns the customer in time to avoid dissatisfaction and has that information flow into an ERP or CRM systems at the same time. That’s the power of Ping: bringing timely data directly to users and systems – in many cases not requiring a dashboard interaction – so immediate action can take place. And, as a Trusted Extension Developer (TED) accredited solution in deployment at multiple Qlik customers, we’ve seen firsthand the positive impact of Ping in generating value from data that lives in Qlik.

This ability to get valuable, actionable data into the hands of team members and systems when it can have its greatest effect is what organizations need today from analytics. I’m thrilled to welcome the RoxAI team into the fold, and look forward to the innovative use cases of actionable data we will be delivering for customers in 2020 and beyond!

@Qlik announces acquisition of @rox_ai and its Ping intelligent alerting software to increase the availability of valuable, actionable #data to customers. Read our latest blog post to learn more.


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