The Qlik Sense November 2018 Release

Breaking New Ground in AI and Analytics

This month is packed with exciting news at Qlik, with the latest being the availability of Qlik Sense November 2018. This release introduces a game changing AI capability – cognitive machine learning. Qlik is leading the market with precedent-based learning capabilities, allowing our Cognitive Engine to get “smarter” over time based on user behavior and feedback, Qlik Sense artifacts, business rule definitions, and other sources. We’ve also enhanced Insight Advisor to add light authoring capabilities, giving users greater flexibly and control to customize insight suggestions. Our innovation in AI has only begun, and we will continue to transform the way users interact with machine intelligence to discover insights in coming releases.

Beyond AI, we’re excited to deliver additional high value capabilities like the introduction of comparative analysis into Qlik Sense. Like QlikView, users will now be able to define alternate states and then make selections to compare subsets of data, unlocking powerful new use cases.We’re also introducing extension bundling, allowing customers to take advantage of third-party extensions that are packaged and supported by Qlik. The first – our Dashboard bundle – includes 6 of the most popular extensions from Qlik Branch, supporting advanced application authoring. This bundle, and future extension bundles, will allow us to bring highly requested features to the market at a much faster pace.

In addition, we are beginning the process of adding advanced collaboration and insight management capabilities to our multi-cloud offering. With Insight Sharing it is now possible to allow users to share links with colleagues that bring the recipient to a specific analytic selection – a simple way to share insights across the organization.

Finally, we’ve further enhanced to our visualization capabilities. An improved, multi-dimensional pie chart allows a second measure to be depicted along the perimeter, resulting in a rose chart. And we have added a visualization layer to our map object, allowing pie and bar charts to be overlaid on top of maps to illustrate the distribution of values geographically. Expect more in this area with a planned visualization extension bundle on the roadmap.

These are just some of the highlights of the Qlik Sense November 2018 release. For more details, view this video and check out the release notes.

We are excited to showcase the latest release of Qlik Sense, @jamesafisher highlights some key enhancements and more!


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