Qlik Sense 3.1 – From 33,000 feet (literally)

Catch up on the latest goodies available as part of our brand new update!

I’m writing this blog post on my flight to Tokyo to present at our first Visualize Your Worldevent of 2016. On this tour of some 30+ cities around the world we will be showcasing the strengths of our platform-based approach to analytics, our associative model and our governance framework.

In fact by the time you read this blog post I will have also shared how Qlik is building on these core differentiators with our continued innovation strategy in today’s Qlik Sense 3.1 release at events in both Sydney and Melbourne.

As you would expect, as our first release after June’s Qlik Sense 3.0, which introduced major new innovations including Visual Search, Visual Data Preparation and the new Hub, today’s release builds on many of the same themes. Let me give you the 33,000 foot view:

Driving our user experience

We continue to focus on driving our user experience alongside enhancements to our engine and ecosystem. In 3.1 we made a number of chart improvements including getting more granular on the time-aware charts introduced in 3.0. We’ve added more controls to line and combo charts and added auto recognition of city and country data to our mapping. We’ve made a number of improvements around data to un-pivot a cross table, to pre-filter data via selected bundled connectors and made the visual data preparation algorithm even smarter. We’ve also added a number of UI enhancements including formatting plus drag and drop by color.

Embracing developer innovation

We not only continue to build and invest in our 9,000 strong developer community via Qlik Branch but we continue to create tools for developers to better experience the power of our platform and make it easier to build on. Our new Qlik Playground™ does just that. It is a free, one-of-a-kind programming environment that allows developers to learn about, use, and experiment with Qlik‘s associative engine and APIs. By accessing public data sets (including your own Twitter data) through our available APIs; Playground allows you to get hands-on with your data and create cool data-driven apps using powerful search and other capabilities that Qlik offers.

Did you hear the news? #QlikSense 3.1 is now available! Learn more here:

Data-as-a-Service and Reporting

Alongside the 3.1 release we will also be releasing Qlik NPrinting 17.2 which delivers on-demand printing for QlikView 11 and enhancements to the Qlik DataMarketEssentials Package with more economic and demographic data for Europe.

Please don’t confuse the 33,000 feet reference in the title of this blog with an unwillingness to get you the details. Quite the contrary, as has now become traditional in my launch blogs, Mike Tarallo (@mtarallo) has created a short video to highlight and help bring what’s new in this release to life.


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