Qlik, Microsoft and…SAP, Oh My!

Qlik and Microsoft Team Up To Enable Customers To Maximize the Value of SAP Data on Azure Synapse

Today’s an exciting day in the world of data warehousing and analytics for enterprises that want to get more insight from their SAP data. Let’s face it – basically every enterprise on the planet that has SAP wants more value from their platform and data.

The good news is that Qlik and Microsoft today jointly launched a global strategic Proof of Value (POV) program to help Azure customers accelerate the analysis of their SAP data in Azure Synapse with the combination of the automated data delivery capabilities of Qlik Data Integration with the agility and openness of the Azure platform.

Historically, it’s been challenging to unlock the value of SAP data given its variety of modules and complex integration methods. This PoV knocks all those barriers down and helps customers fill the SAP data gap in their data pipelines. Leveraging Qlik Data Integration’s ability to ingest and automate the delivery of analytics-ready SAP data into Synapse from virtually any SAP source – whether it’s from legacy SAP environments, SAP HANA or SAP application servers – customers can immediately benefit from simplified delivery and use of SAP data for real-time analytics on Azure Synapse.

The primary benefit of this joint offering is shifting control of the SAP data from the backend programmers to the business. By leveraging Qlik Data Integration to load and transform the SAP data rapidly into rich analytics ready data sets in Azure Synapse, the power is now in the hands of those business users who make decisions with that data. Consequently, data analysts no longer must wait for data to arrive from SAP sources before they can begin their analysis and deliver business value.

“Many of the world’s largest enterprises need to make SAP ERP data available across diverse platforms and hybrid environments for downstream analytics initiatives. We’re pleased about launching this integrated Proof of Value solution with Qlik Data Integration that will give customers a real taste of the benefits and accelerated time-to-insight Microsoft Azure can deliver with their valuable SAP data, as well as combining it with non-SAP data in Azure Synapse and Power BI.”

– John “JG” Chirapurath, General Manager, Azure Data and AI at Microsoft Corp.

To achieve a faster time to value during the PoV, Qlik and Microsoft are developing a series of solution accelerators. The initial accelerator models the “Order to Cash” process within SAP ECC, and additional ones will be developed in the future. The accelerators consist of integration templates, data mappings and pre-built Power BI dashboards that answer the 10 most common questions about the “Order to Cash” process. For example, the dashboard quickly highlights KPIs, such as the financial backlog, average discount, actual picked quantities and so on.

Technically, we are leveraging existing transformation processes (usually used to build SAP BW) and the business logic already created in those extractors to land data in a more flexible and powerful database platform - Azure Synapse Analytics. We can deliver more specific and relevant operational data faster and cheaper than the equivalent process in SAP tooling.

As part of this initiative, Qlik and Microsoft will be hosting a joint webinar on July 30th to explain how Azure Synapse Analytics, Qlik Data Integration, and Power BI can quickly bring real-time SAP data insights to your entire organization. Reserve your spot at: https://info.microsoft.com/ww-landing-gain-real-time-sap-data-insights-with-azure-synapse-analytics.html

Finally, to learn more about this joint partnership, visit: https://go.qlik.com/Qlik-Unleash-Your-SAP-Data.html.

Also, to learn more about the global integrated program, watch the demo below:

#Qlik and #Microsoft team up to enable customers to maximize the value of SAP Data on #AzureSynapse. Read the latest blog post by our own Kevin Pardue.

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