Qlik Forts: Bringing Cloud Analytics to Your Data No Matter Where It Lives

With the Market’s First True Hybrid Cloud Analytics Offering, Our New Hybrid Service Enables Safe and Secure Cloud Analytics on Data in Any Location in The World

The rush to move more and more data to the cloud for analytics over the last 18-24 months – which has only accelerated due to COVID – is real and sustainable. There are just too many benefits from a scalability, cost structure and democratization standpoint to stop the movement to the cloud.

However, over that same time, when organizations needed to quickly analyze more and more of their essential data for accurate decisions in real time, they ran into some very strong barriers. There’s a variety of issues – some sovereignty and governance based, some regulatory, and some just based on existing infrastructure investments and the potential cost of moving everything to the cloud –all which conspire to keep data silos in place.

Thankfully, those barriers can be a thing of the past with Qlik Forts.

Qlik Forts is a feature of Qlik Sense which extends the value of Qlik Cloud to all an organization’s data. It follows a SaaS model by deploying a pre-packaged virtual appliance through Qlik Sense SaaS directly next to your data wherever it resides in the world. Qlik ensures Forts are always up to date, so IT teams never have to worry about ongoing maintenance or manual updates. Qlik Forts can reside on an organization’s network and behind the firewall, and all applications, data connections and data files in use stay local to the Fort, supporting any data location requirement possible.

This means the Fort can be deployed in an organization’s platform of choice, be it their own data center, own cloud or a leading cloud platform like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. That last piece is incredibly important. Customers make significant investments in their cloud(s) of choice, and Qlik Forts reinforce the value of those choices by allowing customers to execute cloud analytics without moving data to an analytics vendor’s cloud. This fundamental, crucial difference in how we are approaching this need protects existing investments, controls costs, and maintains data security and governance standards.

Based on industry estimates, with the reduction in IT resources, no egress fees and no additional hardware, Forts can save IT organizations 30-40% over existing approaches to making this type of data securely available for cloud analytics. And, since Qlik Forts is deployed locally and through a single set of credentials, users across the world have an equally rich and consistent experience with low latency and high performance.

“Qlik Forts is the next big leap in hybrid deployments,” said Alex Walker, Operations Director, Ometis. “Having one interface to access apps, data and tools seamlessly and securely across on prem, private cloud, public cloud and/or Qlik's cloud will bring incredible value to anyone’s cloud analytics strategies.”

Qlik Forts enables organizations to leverage modern cloud analytics across all their data without having to move everything to one specific cloud, keeping essential local data where it lives while setting a path to cloud analytics on the organization’s timeline. With a seamless, low latency user experience across any cloud, Qlik Forts will increase governed use of all relevant data across the organization, a key ingredient in achieving Active Intelligence where technology and processes trigger immediate action from real-time, up-to-date and trusted data to accelerate business value. To learn more about Qlik Forts, visit Qlik Forts | Hybrid Cloud Analytics.

There’s a variety of issues/barriers – some sovereignty and governance based, some regulatory – which conspire to keep #data silos in place. With @Qlik Forts, those barriers can be a thing of the past.


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