Qlik Forts and Google Cloud – Increasing the Value of Customer Cloud Investments and Cloud Analytics Insights

Qlik’s New Hybrid Service, Enables Safe and Secure SaaS Analytics on Data in Google Cloud Anywhere in the World While Maintaining Data Location Requirements

Over the past two years, more and more customers have flocked to the cloud for its inherent scale, flexibility and cost savings. Many customers have found incredible value in combining Qlik and Google Cloud to drive more value out of their analytics efforts by making data from mission critical systems like SAP available for analysis in the cloud.

As COVID-19 pushed customers to adopt the cloud and pivot quickly, they looked to leverage their investment in Qlik and Google Cloud to accelerate decision making across their companies in real time analytics in the cloud.

In many cases the data that would add the most value to these efforts couldn’t be shared. The barriers to that sharing run the gamut – including sovereignty, governance, security, regulations, existing infrastructure investments and potential jumps in prohibitive egress costs. All these issues result in the siloing away of some of the most valuable data for potential analysis and scenario planning.

With the debut of Qlik Forts on Google Cloud, customers can confidently tear down those barriers.

Qlik Forts is a hybrid service delivered through pre-packaged virtual appliances in Qlik Sense SaaS directly next to data wherever it resides. It can reside on an organization’s network and behind the firewall, and all applications, data connections and data files in use stay local to the Fort, supporting any data location requirement possible.

This means the Fort can be securely deployed on Google Cloud anywhere in the world a customer chooses. This is a game changer for customers who have made a significant investment in Google Cloud and who want to leverage its infrastructure and capabilities in AI, ML, and analytics, by allowing customers to execute cloud analytics without moving data to an analytics vendor’s cloud, protecting existing investments, controlling costs, and maintaining data security and governance standards. The benefits to customers deploying Qlik Forts on alongside Google Cloud include:

  • Rich and consistent user experience with low latency and high performance since Qlik compute is directly next to the data in Google Cloud
  • Maintain cloud cost benefits since the compute is brought to the data, reducing egress costs
  • Qlik Cloud’s seamless experience remains for customers using Google Cloud public cloud services or Virtual Private Cloud on Google Cloud
  • Ability to leverage lower compute costs they have negotiated with Google Cloud, since running the Fort in their tenant means they leverage their negotiated price.

And since Qlik Forts is deployed locally and through a single set of credentials, users across the world have an equally rich and consistent experience with low latency and high performance.

“Providing secure and easy access to data, regardless of where it is hosted, is a key part of digital transformation for many organizations,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “By delivering its capabilities in data management and analytics on Google Cloud, Qlik is giving customers more functionality and capability to create value out of their data across multiple environments, vendors, or databases.”

Qlik Forts enables organizations to leverage modern cloud analytics across all their data without having to move the data, keeping essential local data where it lives while setting a path to further cloud analytics adoption on the organization’s timeline. With a seamless, low latency user experience across Google Cloud, Qlik Forts will increase governed use of all relevant data across the organization, a key ingredient in achieving Active Intelligence where technology and processes trigger immediate action from real-time, up-to-date and trusted data to accelerate business value.

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