Qlik Dominates This Year’s BARC BI and Analytics Survey

Real World Users Rank Qlik Sense #1 in 11 Categories in BARC’s BI and Analytics Survey 21

Industry accolades are always nice, and validate the hard work and effort of vast teams behind bringing a world-class product like Qlik Sense to market. But for me, when real-world users raise their voice in unison, that’s when you know you’ve really delivered.

That’s why I’m so excited about this year’s BARC BI and Analytics survey results. In the recently published BI and Analytics Survey 21, Qlik Sense earned 11 number one rankings and 44 leadership positions in four peer groups in a survey of over 2,500 BI and analytics practitioners.

For those not in the know, BARC’s annual survey for nearly two decades is based on findings from the world’s largest and most comprehensive community of business intelligence end users, analytics professionals, and IT stakeholders. Its independence is its value, examining real-world customer feedback across 36 criteria. Those criteria take into consideration the most important KPIs, from business benefits and value, customer satisfaction/experience, to innovation and essential capabilities, such as data preparation and analysis.

This year’s survey shows incredible enthusiasm for Qlik Sense across the entire range of KPIs.

  • Top Ranked in eight categories for Large international BI vendors, including: business benefits, business value, recommendation, product satisfaction, dashboards, analyses, customer experience and data preparation
  • Top Ranked in two categories for Self-service analytics-focused products: analyses and competitiveness
  • Top Ranked in competitiveness for Embedded analytics-focused products

And beyond the rankings, the accolades that BARC collected from survey enthusiasts are powerful.

“The best visual analytics software right now. No other tool makes it so easy to find hidden insights and answer questions that you didn’t even know you had.”

“I believe Qlik Sense has flipped traditional BI development on its head. Its ability to handle large, multiple and/or poor-quality data sets, without cumbersome expensive warehousing and its agility to produce cost effective, timely, consistent and meaningful BI for the business.”

“Go ahead and buy it. It is a life saver.”

And when it comes to how Qlik Sense delivers in the crucial areas important to customers and buyers, it’s crystal clear. Qlik Sense saw 90 percent or higher rankings on analyses functionality and dashboard creation ability, and over 90 percent of surveyed users said they would recommend Qlik Sense.

The people have spoken! Read the full report. Visit here for more information on Qlik Sense or to experience the power it brings for yourself and get started with Qlik Sense in seconds.

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