Qlik Debuts Industry First Data Literacy Consulting and Service Offerings

Very proud to announce that today Qlik launched the industry’s first Data Literacy Consulting Service and Signature Services as part of a Data Literacy as a Service approach to creating a data-driven culture. It’s been quite a journey for Qlik these past few years as one of the leading advocates for the importance of data literacy. Through our own work creating a full library of free data literacy courses and being a founding member of the Data Literacy Project, we’ve seen data literacy evolve from curiosity to acceptance to real need within every organization.

My friend and colleague Jordan Morrow has been a tireless champion of the need for data literacy, traveling the world with his team to execute hundreds of sessions with a whole range of organizations – from Fortune 500s, to universities and government agencies, to every company size in between. Invariably, after these sessions, we heard over and over two things:

“This is fantastic, and so relevant to my business.”

“What do I do next?”

So, although we’ve been delivering a whole host of free education services and trainings to the market these past two years, we know customers and partners need more direct, hands-on and ongoing help to make sure data literacy becomes a foundation of how their organizations function. It’s that fundamental and real customer need driving our creation of these services.

When we thought through what was happening on the ground, we realized organizations are facing people, process and technology challenges along the way to creating a data-driven culture. Our Data Literacy as a Service approach is designed to enable a holistic, always-on customer success program, one that helps bridge the gaps to a data-informed culture by optimizing three components:

  • the value of analytic technology and processes,
  • workforce abilities through a comprehensive, ongoing and product-agnostic data literacy adoption program
  • mission-critical analytics with a 24/7 enterprise support foundation.

Our initial Data Literacy Consulting and Signature Services are available today via subscription, and, like other subscription services, can be customized over time to evolve with a customer’s unique needs. What exactly can organizations purchase today?

  • Data Literacy Consulting Services – New education, consulting and change-management subscription services, including a 6-step adoption framework supported by services to help organizations adopt data literacy. These are designed and delivered by a team of Qlik data literacy experts who are globally recognized in the field of data analytics and science.
  • Signature Services – Qlik Signature is a customer success subscription service for strategic customers, delivering a personalized and prescriptive path to success with Qlik experts by their side and aligned with their business priorities. New tailored recurring services span consulting, education and support to ensure customers always optimize their landscape and continue to drive new value from their investment in analytics at every step.

Want to know more? Check out our full range of data literacy offerings and services here and here.

In his latest blog post, our own @jamesafisher writes about @Qlik's industry first #dataliteracy consulting and service offerings, now available as part of a Data Literacy as a Service approach; read more.


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