Qlik Celebrates Earth Day (and Week!) – Coming Together To Ensure A Healthy Planet

Earth Day is a regular annual celebration on the Qlik calendar. However, this year we’re doing something a little different. Instead of focusing just on April 22nd and its theme of “Invest In Our Planet,” we will have an entire “Qlik Earth Week” of activities.

Protecting our planet means immediate and sustained action – it can’t be tied to just one day. Qlik Earth Week will feature activities designed to help directly reduce our carbon footprint and sustain our water, air and land for future generations. Our goal for Qlik Earth Week is to foster team building and inspire employees – and others – to live more sustainably throughout the year by changing their activities, behaviors and consumption habits.

Employees can register to participate in multiple day-themed activities throughout the week, with activity data captured in a Qlik app developed specifically to measure the impact of team activities, which will include:

  • Meatless Monday/Delete Dairy – choosing a plant-based diet;
  • Recruit to Commute – carpooling, riding a bike to the office or using mass transit;
  • Greener Qlik – team and group competitions to cleanup parks and beaches;
  • Plogging – a Swedish custom referring to the act of picking up trash and litter while jogging; and
  • Sustainability Quizzes – testing participants knowledge of environmental topics.

Our activities will culminate in the nomination and naming of Qlik eco-superheros, whose efforts exemplify our commitment to being a resource-friendly, low-waste, climate-conscious company. In addition, all employees who register will receive $25 to donate to an environmental nonprofit/charity of their choice or The Nature Conservancy, a global conservation organization dedicated to conserving the world’s lands and waters. Top activity participants will also receive additional donation dollars.

Earth Day is important in many ways. Since the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970, the day shines a light on our need to act in stewardship of the planet, and as a call to mobilize efforts across the world to halt the deterioration of the environment.

At Qlik, we want to build momentum with Qlik Earth Week, encouraging not just our employees but all people to take on the challenge to help save our planet. Every single instance of “plogging,” alternative transportation and offset efforts, such as reducing meat consumption, makes a difference! We must stop and even reverse the damage to our planet. Together, we can have the greatest impact, uniting a concerned citizenry to take on one of our greatest challenges.

Click here to join us and start your own campaign!

@Qlik will celebrate #EarthDay w/ a week of activities designed to help reduce our carbon footprint and sustain our planet's resources for future generations


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