Qlik Bracket Challenge

It’s Time to Dance

It’s that time again! The conference tournaments are in full swing. Several teams have already punched their ticket to the big dance and we are mere days away from knowing all 68 teams be that will be battling it out for a chance to cut down the net on April 8th.

In past years, Qlik developed a college basketball bracket app which allowed users to complete a bracket utilizing data analysis for each match-up and share their bracket within their social groups, allowing them to brag about their college basketball knowledge. It was always a great project, but we wanted to do more.

This year, I present to you, the Qlik Bracket Challenge! What is the Qlik Bracket Challenge, you ask? The Qlik Bracket Challenge is an opportunity for one lucky participant to walk away with $100,000! We took our College Basketball Championship Bracket app and gave it a makeover. We added new features and functionality, such as:

Bracket Challenge – Whether you are playing for fun or playing for the prize (see eligibility rules), you can utilize the power of Associative Experience to help you make the most informed decisions for each of the tournament’s 63 matchups. Once your bracket is complete, you can flaunt your basketball expertise with your social circle by clicking the share button.

Matchup Details: As you fill out your bracket, take full advantage of Qlik’s Associative experience. Within each matchup, you can toggle between Overall Stats and Power Stats. Each view gives you a unique insight into the matchup. Still not sure which team to select? Use the filters at the bottom to switch between three different views: all the data, data for February and March, and finally data versus only teams who qualified for this year’s tournament. If you are ready to make your pick, simply click on the Pick <Team> button and continue your journey through the bracket.

Results Dashboard - If you are a registered eligible participant, come back once the games begin on Thursday March 21st

It's not too late to scope out the odds and get in on the tournament. Sign up for the #QlikBracketChallenge today!

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