Qlik at the Private Sector Roundtable

Extending our commitment to sustainable development goals and systems for health security

Launched on February 13, 2014, the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) is a multi-sector effort to increase the global and domestic capacity to prevent, detect and respond to disease epidemics. With a wide and diverse reach, the GHSA is currently comprised of over 60 countries and led by a 10-member Steering Group, which includes the PSRT in 2019.

The mission of the Private Sector Roundtable (PSRT) is to mobilize industry to help countries prevent, detect and respond to health-related crises, and strengthen systems for health security. The PSRT aims to foster relationships with governments and other stakeholders seeking to advance the goals of the GHSA and broader health systems strengthening. They work to engage companies across multiple industries such as healthcare, energy, technology, transportation, and communications around health security.

Qlik, which is a member of the PSRT, sees the role of the private sector going beyond traditional monetary donations. Instead, we see the need to provide technical expertise and strategic capabilities in areas such as supply chain, logistics, technology and data management to support the GHSA and forward the Sustainable Development Goals. As part of the PSRT’s technology working group, Qlik used its technology to develop an online tool which showcases countries’ capabilities around health security, according to assessments called Joint External Evaluations (JEE) that measure countries’ capacity to detect, prevent and respond to health threats. Qlik’s tool showcases qualitative and quantitative data on countries’ health security capabilities, as well as pulls in external data sources to enhance analysis. The JEE tool enables high-level interaction and navigation for users, such as GHSA members and stakeholders and fosters country collaboration and best-practice sharing to ensure capabilities are enhanced globally.

As a member of the PSRT we are proud to collaborate and share expertise to further capabilities and enhancements around health security.


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