Qlik and UiPath – The Power of Active Intelligence and Enterprise Workflows for Action

New Integration Enables Qlik Users to Drive More Actions Though the Business Directly From Analytics to Tackle Timely Issues Like Supply Chain and Competitive Pressures

The business world is rapidly pivoting all the time. Strategic shifts, reprioritization and being first all require being smart while moving fast. The value of agility has never stood out more due to the need to react to new realties in everything from public health, remote and in-office business policies and workflows, to broader economic concerns like supply chain as we move into recovery and revitalization. So, how do companies get ahead in an environment fraught with potential volatility, hyper competition, and horizontal and vertical integration forces?

While organizations are deploying analytics to activate growing volumes of data for action across every area of the business, it’s scaling the ability to act with insights that will drive success – and that requires intelligent automation.

Today’s announcement of our integration with UiPath, building on our existing Application Automation capabilities, gives Qlik customers another powerful way to scale the power of insights for timely action through automation. The direct integration between Qlik Cloud Analytics and UiPath’s end-to-end enterprise automation software platform will help users trigger an expanded range of actions and automated workflows from directly within Qlik into downstream systems related to essential daily tasks in key applications like ERP, CRM and HR, while also impacting crucial and timely focus areas, such as supply chain management and customer service.

Using Qlik as a main center of data flows and automation helps organizations centralize their visibility into the chain of tasks, ensuring governance and compliance remain in place while informing automation decisions with timely intelligence. And, by leveraging UiPath automations to impact workflows from directly within their Qlik analytics experience, users avoid administrative headaches with reduced refresh cycles on data reloads for consistent tasks that happen on a daily or weekly basis, which is especially powerful for things like order and inventory management, customer interactions and sales forecasts.

Timely intelligence is crucial to making the best, most informed business decisions in a world of expanding variables and multiplying parameters. As competition ramps up and businesses are looking to improve their operations, everyone from executives to line-level employees shouldn’t be encumbered by the manual manipulation of routine processes. They need to be innovative, resourceful and creative, and given time enough to look at how they can differentiate themselves at the department, group and industry level. Intelligent automation, fueled by data-driven insights, frees up mind share and work hours to enable this transformational mindset to flourish, giving companies the advantage to continue to succeed and provide the best products and services to their customers.

More information about the partnership can be found on the Qlik page in the UiPath marketplace.

Our new UiPath integration expands on #Qlik’s existing automation capabilities, bringing intelligence to more downstream applications directly from #Qlik Cloud and helping customers’ on their #activeintelligence journey.


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