Qlik and Fortune Launch Inaugural “History of the Fortune 500” Data Analytics Site

Site Offers Users a Unique Guided Visual Experience of the Industry Standard Chronicle of Market Leaders

An exciting day today as Qlik launches the first-ever “History of the Fortune 500” as the official analytics partner of the Fortune 500. This unique data analytics site offers a window into the companies that have shaped America and the history that shaped them.

We’ve developed the “History of the Fortune 500” site as a visual experience, taking users on a guided exploration of data related to company revenues, relevant historical events, and industry sector and status changes. The site’s debut, timed with the publication of the 2020 Fortune 500 list in Fortune Magazine, is the culmination of a close collaboration between Qlik and the Fortune team, and represents the first of two sites we will be publishing this year and next year.

The Fortune 500 is an indisputably venerable list within the business community. Placement on it is both an honor and a high watermark for both newer corporate visionaries and the legacy companies that appeared on the first list in 1955. General Motors was #1 on the inaugural list and has remained strong, often, if not always, within the top 15. Today, tech companies like Apple and Amazon and those in the healthcare industry, such as CVS Health and McKesson, jostle for high position.

As the “History of the Fortune 500” site makes clear, world and economic events have a large hand in propelling companies upwards on the list or marking precipitous declines. Regulations and globalization expanded the competition beyond American borders, and new technologies and monetary policy changes had broad yet nuanced implications, sometimes not felt for years. The “History of the Fortune 500” site makes it possible to experience a rich and detailed exploration of these and other factors that shaped market leaders and industry sectors, leveraging Qlik’s unique analytics platform to bring to life the data behind the story of the best performing companies.

The site brings users through a variety of data-driven and historical sections, including:

  • An exploration of key market events over the decades;
  • Detailed sector analyses;
  • Case study windows into leading industries like technology and healthcare; and
  • State-level focuses on current and historical metrics, such as employee numbers, revenue and profit, and market value represented by the 2020 Fortune 500 companies.

The “History of the Fortune 500” is a compelling visual experience and a rich resource for anyone interested in macro market trends and the power of data and analytics-driven storytelling. Qlik and Fortune will be delivering a similar experience for the Fortune Global 500 later this year. Join us on this journey at qlik.fortune.com.

@Qlik and @FortuneMagazine launch the "History of the Fortune 500" - a unique #data #analytics site offering a journey about #marketleaders. Read more in the latest blog post by our own @RickJackson2.


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