Qlik and Fortune Launch “History of the Fortune Global 500”

Earlier this year, we launched a unique partnership with Fortune Magazine, with the first-ever data analytics site supporting the publication of the annual Fortune 500 list. Today, we extended that partnership with the debut of the “History of the Fortune Global 500,” our interactive data analytics site timed with the publication of the 30th anniversary of the Fortune Global 500 list.

As the official analytics partner of the Fortune 500, we are delivering a visual experience that leverages data storytelling and interactive visualizations to bring to life the data behind the historical events, country-level details and financial performance of the world’s largest corporations.

Similar to the Fortune 500 site from earlier this year that leveraged Qlik’s unique analytics platform, the Fortune Global 500 site gives a rich and detailed exploration of the industry standard chronicle of market leaders and industry sectors.

The site brings users through a variety of interactive data-driven sections including:

  • Starting in 1995 through today, users can experience a multi-chapter visual story detailing the evolving rankings of various countries revenue position and performance.
  • The story shows the rising importance of China, the decline in the UK’s position and the rise and fall of Japan’s global economic status.
  • The site provides an interactive experience that dynamically shows the evolution of global economic rankings, resulting in the current dual leadership of China and the United States.
  • There’s also a page that provides an expansive sector-by-sector interactive comparison.
  • Visitors can then explore through an interactive map a country-level focus on current revenues and number of companies per country, as well as explore the data on individual countries to see company, revenue and profit metrics for any year from 1995 to 2020.

Experience the “The History of the Global 500” yourself by clicking here.

@Qlik and @FortuneMagazine launch the "History of the Fortune Global 500" - a visual experience leveraging #data storytelling and interactive #visualizations. Read more in the latest blog post by our own @RickJackson2.

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