Qlik and Attunity – Creating a Value-Driven Data Ecosystem

Big data is no longer a movement of the future. It’s here, and it’s currently helping companies of all shapes and sized make faster and smarter decisions. But getting your data to a place where you can easily analyze it is a huge challenge.

Often times, companies are collecting important data in a variety of different places. To get the full picture of what’s happening at a company, you need to set up an environment that gives the right people exposure to the right information exactly when they need it.

Here’s how you can accomplish this…

Move Your Data to One Place Fast

Enter: Attunity Replicate.

Attunity’s modern big data integration platform enables real-time, automated data movement to tackle today’s complex business challenges. With Attunity Replicate, companies can eliminate the coding and data prep associated with migrating data from one place to another. This approach makes data integration faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.

Overlay a Powerful Analytics Engine

We’re partnering with Qlik to complete the circle of big data. Once you get all your data into one common place, you need a tool that lets you use that data to make accurate, informed decisions. Qlik’s modern analytics platform is driven by the Qlik engine, which can bring together any data (web, excel, structured, unstructured) in one single view.

We recently spoke with Hugo Sheng, Senior Director of Partner Engineering at Qlik about how our partnership is changing the game for modern Big Data analytics:

As with Attunity, Qlik doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to platforms. Once Attunity gets the data into the data lake in a reliable way, Qlik can help companies easily get value from their data.

Break Down Data Silos

It’s time to free your data. Teams spend way too much time gathering and preparing their data today. They need to create a constant stream of important data into one place, and give the keys to the kingdom to their important stakeholders.

For more information on creating a value-driven data ecosystem with Attunity Replicate, check out The Magic of Data Integration in the Enterprise eguide.

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