Qlik Analytics Tour 2020

Accelerating Insights Through Augmented Analytics

It’s that time of year again – the Qilk Analytics Tour is underway in countries across the globe. This year’s tour, titled “Accelerating Insights Through Augmented Analytics,” explores the latest and most advanced approaches in data analytics with sessions from Qlik product leaders and local partners.

Our focus this year is examining the power of AI for all analytics users, and how it helps everyone mine and leverage the value of data in real-time through embedded analytics at the point of decision. Through a series of use cases, we’ll bring to life Qlik’s Data Analytics platform, empowering everyone to make faster, smarter critical decisions.

Due to COVID, a majority of the tour events are taking place online. Some countries have had their registrations closed, but don’t worry: We’ll be making the sessions available on-demand, so you can enjoy them later if you missed one. As always, many of the sessions are partner-led, using Qlik created presentations, demos and supporting content.

Attendees will receive exposure to:

  • The latest approaches and techniques to use to get to actionable insights faster
  • Qlik’s powerful AI capability and the latest product functionality
  • Qlik customers who are already seeing results

Don’t wait. Visit our registration page and learn how Augmented Analytics can combine the best in AI and human intuition and experience to positively impact your business.

The Qlik Analytics Tour is underway - learn how to accelerate your insights through #augmentedanalytics! Our own @robertpfleming writes about it in his latest blog post.


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