Put me in coach!

Do you remember the time you wanted to learn to play an instrument or take on a new sport? The excitement and anticipation of acquiring the new skill that creates a buzz in your stomach. I remember that feeling when I decided to race a triathlon.

My wife, fortunately, had the wisdom to gift me a subscription to a coach as she knew the training plans, equipment choices and balancing all with my other activities as a husband, father and working professional would be overwhelming and impact my chances of attaining my goal. Nine years later, I am still happily married with two wonderful children, a thriving role at Qlik and a four-time Ironman. A key component to my success has been my coach acting as my advisor, creating my training plan to align with my goals, assisting with race guidance, equipment choices, and other situations that arise over the racing season.

At Qlik we understand there is a similar need for a trusted advisor (or “coach”) to provide our customers the technical guidance necessary for them to maximize the value of our technology, and achieve their desired outcomes.

To address this need, we are offering a new solution: a new role called the Customer Success Engineer (CSE). The CSE is designed to be your go-to-expert who will work with you to understand your ecosystem and requirements, and leverage these insights, together with advanced technical know-how to identify potential roadblocks and preemptively mitigate issues. In addition, they will proactively engage with you and your team to share advice and best practices so that you can maximize the latest technology capabilities and advancements.

A CSE is your “coach”

Your Technical Advocate

The CSE acts as your main technical contact.They are focused on understanding your ecosystem and development milestones, advise on Qlik’s product update roadmap so you can plan ahead, and facilitate engagement with Qlik support and consulting organizations.

Your Trusted Advisor

The CSE acts as your trusted advisor on Qlik technology advancements and applications.They develop suggestions to meet your desired requirements and outcomes. They will also host quarterly reviews, interactive webinars, and product forums.

Your Troubleshooter

The CSE can also perform proactive platform and application reviews to mitigate risks, advise on diagnosis and fixes for your issues, and coordinate and track prioritization and resolution of support cases.

Recently one of our enterprise accounts in the Midwest was planning to set up new servers for their deployment. Engaging with their CSE, requirements, and timelines were defined.The CSE advised on the pre-requisites, appropriate versions of software and confirmed the steps of the installation process. When the time came for the installation the CSE shadowed remotely, advising and guiding the team as they performed the successful installation.

In another situation, one of our government accounts ran into an issue with their installation and engaged with support. The Technical Support Engineer (TSE) identified an issue with a conflicting process in the environment. The TSE engaged the account’s CSE who then work with the team to identify the third-party software causing the issue to alleviate the challenge. To ensure resolution the CSE monitored the reinstall with customer. This level of advocacy keeps projects on track and secures high end-user satisfaction.

Much like working with my coach helped me reach the finish line…our Customer Success Engineers are there to help you reach yours. Learn more and connect with us to get started!


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