Predictive Analytics for Everyone

How AI and Machine Learning Enhance Business Intelligence

As we embark on serving our users in the 3rd generation of BI, we are working to enable businesses with capabilities to leverage AI and machine-learning algorithms within their decision-making process. Staying true to our vision for the next generation of BI, we are empowering employees from all spheres of the organization to access the most powerful analytics and insights.

With Qlik, we are pushing the boundaries for what is possible with an organization’s data, helping everyone to raise their data literacy and make data driven decisions.Our unique approach to AI – Augmented Intelligence – allows people to utilize machine intelligence to enhance their intuition, bringing forth a powerful new way of magnifying discovery that propels organizations forward. When paired with advanced analytics, Qlik applications serve as a vehicle for users to interact with predictive models, allowing them to ask unique questions and generate powerful insights.

To learn more on how you can extend predictive analytics to business users in a simple, interactive, and more transparent way join us on Wednesday, 18 September 2019 and discover how machine learning and AI can be used within a BI platform – like Qlik® – to help every business user make better decisions . Attendees will be joined by speakers from Qlik and DataRobot to learn:

  • The importance of AI in BI
  • Top business applications for predictive analytics
  • How to unlock the true power of data science for every user
  • The ease of integrating Qlik with models from DataRobot, R, and Python

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