Multi-Cloud Analytics with Qlik Sense

Elastically Scale in the Clouds of Your Choice

Last June, we released the first phase of multi-cloud deployment options for Qlik Sense Enterprise – our first in a series of steps in delivering unparalleled flexibility and choice in how you deploy analytics across public and private clouds, and on-premise.

Qlik Sense Enterprise customers can now distribute applications from a single tenant cloud or on-premise deployment of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows to one or both of two new highly-elastic and scalable cloud environments for consumption and interaction:

  • Qlik Sense Enterprise for elastic deployments, a new deployment package designed to run large-scale Qlik Sense Enterprise deployments using containers in the cloud of your choice. You have complete control over hosting and management.

  • Qlik Cloud Services*, a public cloud environment hosted and managed by Qlik. We manage scaling for you and automatically provide the latest features.

Below are some highlights from the Q&A portion of the webinar:

How do reloads work, and what about extensions and self-service capabilities?

Currently, the reloads are scheduled in the Windows environment like usual. After it completes it automatically pushes the changes to the cloud. Very shortly we'll be enabling reloads in the new cloud environments as well as additional capabilities like certified extensions and full app creation.

How is data protection managed across a multi-cloud deployment?

If you choose to use Qlik Cloud Services (i.e. hosted by Qlik) then we have implemented a range of measures to secure your data. As well as encryption of all traffic and customer data, our services and processes are GDPR compliant and SOC2 compliance is coming shortly also. When you set up a Qlik Cloud Services tenant, you can select from 3 data centers to store your “at-rest” data – US, Europe (Ireland), and APAC (Sydney). For more information, read our security whitepaper and GDPR compliance details.

Do the multi-cloud deployment options run on Google Cloud?

Google Cloud is one of the many clouds, along with Azure, AWS, etc. that supports Qlik Sense Enterprise. You can deploy Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows on Windows-based compute instances (VMs) running in Google Cloud. Qlik Sense Enterprise for elastic deployments runs through Kubernetes, so you can use the Google Kubernetes Engine to run a cluster and deploy Qlik Sense into it.

Do I need a special license, or is there an additional cost, to set up a multi-cloud deployment? Are user licenses shared across all clouds for a given enterprise?

You simply need named-user licenses for Qlik Sense Enterprise. If you’d like to include the use of Qlik Cloud Services in your deployment, those users would have to be on subscription licenses. Each licensed user can use it from multiple devices and in a multi-cloud deployment to any of the environments you have. Contact your account manager for questions about your licensing model or how to set up a multi-cloud deployment.

Qlik's cloud strategy is all about enabling your cloud strategy and providing cloud analytics on your terms. To access the live recording of our Mult-Cloud webinar series, click here.

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