Modernizing Our Own Finance Operations Through Data – How Qlik Finance Embraced Active Intelligence

Qlik now brings data from 50+ systems into one source of truth with the cloud for agile financial planning, reporting, budgeting and analysis

Like many CDAOs, I try and participate in a lot of conferences and learn how other data leaders are tackling complex problems related to data management. My role is always tricky as I am a participant, but simultaneously wearing a nametag that says “Qlik” and my peers can think that I am simply there to sell something and sometimes skeptically say “show me." The good news is that as the person responsible for the implementation of Qlik’s data strategy, I am always happy to show off what we have built…as well as share what we have not yet figured out.

At Qlik, we’ve always used our own analytics to manage our operations. However, like many companies that have been in business over 20 years, we have a variety of legacy systems that aren’t always easy to unwind and a heritage of on-prem, server-based Qlik deployments that while providing for a great deal of flexibility, have not been ideal from a cost or sharing point of view. Over the past few years, we’ve been on our own internal transformation journey. It’s a journey that involved incorporating our most cutting-edge innovations into our overall data strategies, especially in our data management and integration efforts.

That was the focus of my recent fireside chat with Sven Alder, Qlik’s VP of Financial Planning and Analysis. We covered a wide range of topics in this conversation, including:

  • How uncertainty is driving the need to have as much real-time data available as possible
  • How the cloud is a crucial element in helping the already data-fueled function of finance become even more agile and proactive
  • The importance of connecting different data sources like ERP, CRM, and other dispersed systems to get the right insights to drive the business
  • How we use our own tools across finance functions to analyze P&L, ARR flow, T&E expense management, currency analysis, accounts receivables, bookings progress and more
  • How finance can adopt AI, machine learning and data science to evolve the way it helps to inform and guide the business

To hear more of my conversation with Sven and how Qlik’s finance team is making the move to active intelligence, check out the on-demand version of the webinar, Unlocking the Power of Your Data.

Transformation is a journey. Qlik's @joedossantos outlines how the steps Qlik is taking on its own journey towards #activeintelligence.

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