May The 4th Alert You - Go Beyond The Dashboard With Qlik Alerting

Today we announced the launch of Qlik Alerting (formerly Ping Alerting from RoxAI), as a value-added product for Qlik Sense. Qlik Alerting provides sophisticated, data-driven alerts directly from Qlik Sense – empowering our customers to more proactively manage by exception and respond quickly when issues arise. Like the Jedi, everyone could benefit from having a sixth sense. While we can’t (yet) float objects in the air or control minds, Qlik Alerting can give people the nudge they need to seize an opportunity or mitigate a risk that might be at hand. I sense a disturbance in my data…

Qlik Alerting includes advanced data-driven features that go beyond the simple, visualization-based alerts found in other products. These include statistical calculation and trending that helps spot outliers and anomalies, comparisons between measures, nested and/or logic, and the ability to drill into dimension values. It supports both self-service and centrally administered alerting, data alerts, system alerts and notifications, and delivery through email and a secure mobile app. And, of course, because of our unique Associative Engine, alerts are fully context-aware – factoring in global selection states and providing links that take users directly to the right visualizations, with the same context applied.

Qlik Alerting helps our customers go beyond the dashboard, facilitating the real-time intelligence loop needed to take action when it has the biggest impact on an organization. This allows our customers to move from passive to active data consumption, connecting the analysis of changes in data into immediate alerts and notifications sent to users. Like a feeling from the force, people can immediately analyze further and take necessary action.

By adding Qlik Alerting to our Data Analytics offerings, alongside our Data Integration platform, we can now provide our customers with the most complete set of modern data and analytics capabilities available, across the full data and analytics life-cycle. Of course, the timing of this release could not have been better, so we make no apologies for using the force references. In fact, we have been looking forward to this for a while! May the 4th alert you!

Check out a detailed demo of Qlik Alerting on our Product Innovation Blog.

In his latest blog post, our own @jamesafisher writes about the launch of Qlik Alerting, a value-added product for Qlik Sense that provides real-time intelligence. Read more.


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