Making An Impact On A New Product

New developer influences will keep the creative juices flowing.

I am sure that you have heard the expression, “Two heads are better than one.” In simple English, it means, the collective knowledge of many is greater than the knowledge of one. So how does that pertain to allowing outside influences to make an imprint on a new product?

One example of this is the importance of developer communities. Developers are the people that keep the creative juices flowing. We need to keep inventing ways to appease the myriad of requests that we receive from their customers. As a developer, there is no better feeling than to solve a problem to which there was no out of the box solution.

Actually, that is incorrect. A better feeling is communicating that solution to others. It's also gratifying to hear the reaction of those who find that solution valuable. Many times, these solutions make their way into the product.

We can see this developer community in action every day on Qlik Branch. What is Qlik Branch, you ask? Qlik Branch is where developers can share innovations and collaborate on projects that use Qlik.

The greatest part about Qlik Branch is its open source mindset. Every posted innovation, along with its accompanying code, is free to download. This open source mentality invites developers to enhance existing ideas and solve additional problems. This continuous innovation increases the number of ways in which we use the product and opens up the door to new opportunities. I encourage you to go to Qlik Branch and see the many great innovations that are developing.

Here are a couple of my favorites; which extensions are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments.

Developers are the people that keep the creative juices flowing. We see it every day on #Qlik Branch!


This Chrome extension, developed by Alexander Karlsson, allows users to identify tables within a webpage and drag and drop the table into a table viewer which then creates a Qlik Sense app.

deltaViz Self Service Dashboard

This extension, developed by deltaViz, allows the user to quickly build out a dashboard


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