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Introducing my 3 rules for customer success – and how it’s driving transformation at Qlik

A year ago, I joined Qlik with an important mission: transform the company into a customer-centric organization focused on driving successful business outcomes for our customers. At the time, Qlik was going through a lot of change: new leadership and a shift from an on-premise, license model to a SaaS, subscription-led way of doing business.It was a new world, and the company recognized customer success as a necessary imperative for its own success.

A year later, I can say it is truly an exciting time at Qlik. Today, we offer a full SaaS deployment option for Qlik Sense Enterprise, with no Windows or on-premise dependency required, all available through subscription. We recently announced the acquisition of Attunity, enabling a winning combination of data integration and data management solutions with our leading analytics platform, and we have made tremendous progress on our mission to become a truly customer-centric organization.

So, what have I and my team been up to over the last year? Quite a bit, and we can’t wait to unveil it all in just a couple of weeks at Qonnections. In the meantime, I thought I would give you a preview, by introducing my 3 rules for customer success. Simply put, everything we do for customer success at Qlik lines up to these important best practices.

Rule #1: Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is literally about putting the customer at the center of everything we do, putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer and looking at things from their perspective, not ours, as we design products, define go-to-market strategies, make decisions, and drive our daily engagements with customers.

Customer centricity is also about sharing responsibility for the success of our customers across the organization. I believe customer success is a team sport and a company mindset – everyone at Qlik plays a role, not just post-sales services and support teams. We’ve made fantastic progress through great collaboration across the company to make it easier to work with us, for example, the creation of a Customer Success Organization (CSO) to better align all post sales services and support to customers’ needs and the hiring of my role, the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) to act as a coach for customer centricity in the C-Suite, as well as the recent launch of the vastly improved Qlik Community site and The Data Literacy Project.

Rule #2: Customer Experience

Customer success is also defined by a positive customer experience – not just with our products, but also with customers’ engagements whether through digital or human interaction with our employees and/or our partners. If you’re a new customer, we know you want to get up and running the right way, right away. And whether you’re new to Qlik or a long-standing user, we expect you want peace of mind with quick and easy access to help when you need it. We’ll be introducing exciting improvements in this area at Qonnections; things like the dramatic simplification of trial and purchasing experience for subscription and cloud platform offering, or our new customer onboarding and health check programs focused on maximizing your effective use and satisfaction with our solutions. At the same time, we introduced a customer success management program designed to ensure Qlik sets, manages and meets your expectations, whether you are a small or a large customer.

Rule #3: Customer Value

Customer value is simply about making sure that on top of focusing on improving your overall experience with Qlik, we ensure you realize your expected Return on Investment (ROI). At the end of the day, when you invest in a solution like Qlik, it’s not just about cool features and functions: it is important that you achieve your desired business outcomes. But to drive ongoing value from the investment you’ve made, you need the right guidance and expertise to help you overcome the “plateau” companies often face during their analytics journey.

To that end, we are taking a more prescriptive and proactive approach to how we design and deliver our services in order to guide you step by step along your journey with us – whether it’s migrating from QlikView to Qlik Sense or adopting some of our newest technologies, we are introducing new outcome based service packages to accelerate your time to value, increase your success with our solutions, and always leave you empowered to take your journey to the next level.

Ultimately, driving customer value is about ensuring you’re armed with the right resources to help you drive adoption of the solutions you are deploying; you have the proper program in place to foster a culture of data literacy across your organization; and you have a true partner by your side to help you go beyond your initial vision and business use case you originally set out to achieve.

Stay tuned for more details on this at Qonnections! I look forward to meeting many of our customers and partners in Dallas, hear from you about your journey with Qlik, your success and challenges and last, but not least, get your feedback on how we are doing and how we can improve. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear first-hand from companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods, IAS and KPMG about their own experience with our customer success organization (you can register for their sessions here). Hope to see you there!

To learn more about my 3 rules of customer success, read our new white paper.

As we head into #Qonnections, our @sigonar introduces his 3 rules for #customersuccess, and how it's driving transformation at Qlik

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