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We're committed to making a positive impact and empowering our partners to lead with data on socioeconomic & environmental issues

With the launch of Qlik.org earlier this year, we have been hard at work in using data for good. We are on a mission to leverage data and analytics to drive positive change at the intersection of business, society and our environment so everyone across the world has access to a healthy and prosperous life. We pride ourselves in fueling progress by supporting strategic sustainability initiatives, offering technology grants and empowering our employees.

Strategic Sustainability Initiatives

Our focus is to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which drive our program towards addressing crucial issues such as climate change, water security and global health. By combining our voices and expertise with the strong action on climate change, we are helping uncover opportunities for energy reduction, supply chain optimization, reuse, and resource conservation.

On the water scarcity front, we are working with innovators and notable user groups to preserve and make sustainable use of water across the world. By leveraging our visual analytics capabilities, we have already begun helping our customers magnify their positive impacts. For example, mesur.io, an advanced analytics company, develops Qlik dashboards to help customers better understand their irrigation needs to conserve water.

In our effort to improve access to medical aid and address disaster relief, we have worked alongside organizations such as Medair, Team Rubicon, and Direct Relief. As a member of the PSRT (Private Sector Roundtable), Qlik is going beyond traditional monetary donations by providing technical expertise and strategic capabilities in areas such as supply chain, logistics, technology and data management to support the Global Health Security Agenda and further the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Technology Grants

The primary avenue Qlik invests in all communities is through our Technology Grant Program. Our technology grant program has enabled organizations such as Mercy Ships – a nonprofit delivering surgical and medical services to vulnerable communities via a hospital ship – with actionable data apps with our analytics platform. By uncovering new insights with our technology, nonprofits of all kinds are driving their missions forward. The program is open to any accredited, government-approved nonprofit or charity institution worldwide especially those focused on humanitarian or disaster relief, global health NGOs, or nonprofit organizations working towards a sustainable future for our planet and vulnerable populations.

Employee Programs

With Volunteer Days and a community engaged in donations, Corporate responsibility is among our core values and beliefs. Qlik employees are committed to building communities and shared experiences while solving hard problems. We’re proud to empower our employees by enabling them to support local philanthropic and environmental causes around globe.

We are excited to share the next chapter of corporate responsibility with Qlik.org at Qonnections! We look forward to showcasing the real-world impact alongside our customers and partners at the “No Planet B” Qlik Hack Challenge and Late Night Lunacy events at our Qlik.org booth within the Qonnections Data Discovery Zone!

At Qlik we've been long committed to using data for good, @juliekae outlines how we are putting data & analytics to the test and driving positive change!


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