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Get your Data and Analytics Spark at Qonnections 2019

Once again, we are looking forward to meet with 3000+ strong Qlik customers and partners in Dallas, Texas this year at Qonnections 2019 and share our vision for 3rd generation of BI and analytics platforms. Get ready to hear about our latest innovations and approaches to democratizing data, accelerating and distributing insights from the C-Suite to the edge!

In this blog post I am going to highlight some of our innovation themes. We will share more exciting details about these and demonstrate new capabilities at Qonnections. To see Qlik’s next generation data and analytics platform, please join us in Dallas!

Scalable analytics platform

One of the biggest unsung megatrends of today is the rise of microservices and Kubernetes. Microservices are a new approach to application development and Kubernetes as a flavor of that, is a hugely impactful software innovation that can orchestrate and distribute containerized applications and workloads. We have been innovating Qlik Sense platform with microservices and Kubernetes. We will showcase how this new architecture enables scaling analytics workloads beyond where traditional BI platforms have been able to achieve.

Multi-cloud, hybrid, and edge analytics

3rd generation analytics platforms need to handle multi-cloud, hybrid, and edge as a continuum rather than separate efforts. We will showcase Qlik’s architecture providing a flexible analytics future where one platform, across on-premise and multiple clouds will enable democratization of analytics further across the organization without taking on more infrastructure build-out and costs.

Single view of all data

Data is coming at us from different directions, at different speeds, and in different formats. Being able to control this tsunami is one of the key markers of empowerment and success in the information age. We will share our vision linking analytics strategy with the enterprise data management strategy and demonstrate our complete approach to enterprise data management to prepare and surface analytics-ready data to all users.

AI will make analytics more human

There is a gap between the availability of today’s analytical tools (high), and their adoption within organizations (low). Our vision with Augmented Intelligence is to build Cognitive technology to help remove bottlenecks across the information value chain, from gathering the data to preparing it, critically analyzing it with less bias, and presenting contextual results to all users. We will demonstrate how AI will increase data literacy and show exciting new experiences that goes beyond search, enabling user explore data visually and with natural language to gain actionable insights.

Open Platform creating an Innovative Ecosystem

Innovation from open platforms with ecosystems outpaces those with only internal innovation by a factor of 2X. At Qlik, have a strong and open ecosystem, and that is why innovation is unlimited! At Qonnections, you will not only see the art of possible with embedding analytics directly in decision-making processes with APIs, but also experience other awesome innovative solutions that our partner ecosystem builds with the platform.

As you can see, we are extremely excited about what we will be sharing with you at Qonnections. To learn more about these themes and to hear from key thought leaders across Qlik, as we shed light on future directions in Analytics and BI, please join us in Dallas. We look forward to seeing you there!

From making #AI more human w/ analytics to embracing Qlik's open platform & ecosystem – @eliftutuk highlights key innovation themes to expect at #Qonnections!

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