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The world of data literacy is growing, and there's no better place to keep up with it than at Qonnections

With the world of data literacy continuing to grow across the globe, this year’s Qonnections event promises to be insightful, educational, and well, fun. There are many articles popping up, sharing different aspects in data literacy such as: data literacy cultures, learning, and so forth. This year at Qonnections we plan to have many discussions that take us beyond what was shared in the past. In the past, we have been able to cover the basics of data literacy, but this year we are moving beyond just the basics, getting into the journey of data literacy, data-informed decision making, and so forth. Read on to hear about the different areas being covered.

Breakout Sessions

We are very excited to have a suite of Qlik run breakout sessions on the topic of data literacy. I plan to cover a few different breakout sessions designed around the data literacy journey and how to make it happen. My core session is titled “Data Literacy and the 4th Industrial Revolution” which establishes the strong foundation of what data literacy is, why it is such a big deal in the world today, and discusses approaches to data literacy adoption. Then, beyond the core session, the sessions are designed to help individuals improve their own skills and understand the journey to take through data literacy. Those sessions include information about data storytelling, insights vs observations, and the value data literacy brings.

Qlik’s Chief Learning Officer, Kevin Hanegan, is sharing a few data literacy breakout sessions that I am very excited to have this year. These sessions move beyond the foundation of data literacy into data-informed decision making and bias. These two things are key pieces to the world of data literacy. The overarching thing that individuals and organizations should be accomplishing through data literacy is making smart, data-informed decisions. To make this happen more effectively, we have to move beyond bias and become more objective. Overall, Kevin’s sessions look to be amazing and must see.

Roundtable Discussions

Not only will there be great breakout sessions on data literacy this year, the Data Literacy Project is holding a roundtable discussion on the new independent community and we are very excited to have different board members on site. Not only will individuals be able to learn more about the project, but meet members of the board.

Beyond the Data Literacy Project, there is a great roundtable discussion with different internal leaders of Qlik on “Data Futurism”. It’s a fun topic to cover and go over, with great minds and personalities involved and leading the discussion.

Customer & Guest Sessions

One area I am very excited to announce this year is the multiple breakout sessions being hosted by guest speakers. Qlik is the world leader in Data Literacy, and now we have great guests coming in to discuss and share their data literacy experiences. One of these guests is Alan Schwarz, who is a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist, who will be discussing the concussion breakthroughs with football. We also have Humana, Nemours, Axis Group, South Africa Qlik Master Reseller, and PayPal. All of these organizations are doing amazing things within the world of data literacy. Join these sessions to dive into different perspectives on data literacy and ask questions to help your own journey.


Overall, Qonnections 2019 will be a very exciting and fun opportunity to expand and learn about the amazing world of data literacy. Register here and sign up for these different sessions to learn more on these topics, meet world leaders in data literacy, and nerdify with us.

#Qonnections 2019 promises to be an exciting and thought-provoking time. Read on to hear @Qlik‘s @analytics_time discuss what's in store with #dataliteracy at the event.


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