Know Your Data: Understanding the Data Behind Your Credit Score With Experian

Last year, we launched the Know Your Data series to help you all understand the graphs, charts and data terms you were seeing across the news, online and elsewhere in your daily lives.

Today, we are back with series 3, and we'll be joined by a special guest from Experian to help explain some of the most important financial data we all need to understand.

At a time when lots of us are looking at the personal financial decisions we are making, knowing how our financial data informs the way banks and lenders see us has never been more important. That’s why our individual credit score – something that can affect loan and interest rates, through to cell phone contracts and rental agreements – is so important to understand. And even though we may not realize it, every time we spend money, we are creating financial data that influences the scoring models that determine whether we can secure a loan or not.

But what type of data actually goes into a credit score? What steps can you take to improve it? And what are the big pitfalls to avoid?

Experian’s John Webb and I give you the download on credit scores and the data behind them in the first episode of our brand new Know Your Data series.

Keep your eyes peeled for further episodes coming your way in 2021. And, as always, let us know if there are any future topics you’d like us to cover in Know Your Data.

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#KnowYourData is back & this time @Qlik’s Kevin Hanegan is joined by @ExperianJohn to discuss #creditscores & the financial #data that feeds them.


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