It Must Be the Holiday Season

Retailers rejoice every December, especially when they have Qlik!

I can remember back a few years ago when I was attending a college basketball game in December. It was a closely contested match that was coming down to the final minutes.

One player on the opposing team started to take over the game, scoring numerous buckets down low in the paint. As he continued to pad his team’s lead I heard what I can only assume is his father yelling from the stands: “GO TO WORK, SON! It must be Christmas time, because this game’s a WRAP!”

Besides the obvious parallels drawn to holiday wrapping paper and the end of year wrap-ups: we figured it was worth calling out retail organizations who were able to wrap their disparate data into one comprehensive analytics dashboard. Here are just a few of those examples from the past year that we’ve written about on the Qlik Blog, and profiled via TechValidate. Not only are they large worldwide brands that process billions of dollars in sales annually, but they all understand the importance of data-driven decision making.

Decathlon ProMarketing Performance Made Easy

“In digital marketing, everything is measured and there was a growing need for us to understand our clients’ behavior and evaluate the performance of our activities. Qlik Sense met our requirements and our budget and we were attracted by the analytical power and the eye-catching data visualizations.”

GoldcarFinding the Right Path with Data Analytics

Qlik has enabled us to use all the same information across countries and departments. Everyone is aligned. We know what’s going well and what’s not, and because of that we can take fast, data-driven actions. The managers of the offices can all access this data and respond to it.”

Micro FashionFast Fashion Needs Fast BI

“During a proof of concept, our biggest file was loaded, and Qlik spat out the same report in a few seconds that we had usually spent so long on. We were immediately convinced that Qlik offered us the right solutions.”

Bridgestone EuropeWhere Rubber Meets the Road

“Qlik directly extracts data from the data warehouse in which the various sources come together, such as Oracle, Access and SAP. This functionality had a decisive impact. Qlik gives us a total overview of the entire operation at a glance. It brings our factories, offices and employees closer together and streamlines the organization right up to the highest level. That Qlik is being used up to the very highest level at Bridgestone makes this perhaps even more remarkable.”

QuookerHeating Things Up with Supply Chain Data Analysis

“We have calculated that since we are in better control of our entire supply chain flow, we save at least € 50.000 per year by preventing to outdated parts, production stops, delivery stops or quality issues. Having control over our entire supply chain and being able to analyze trends using an intelligent system brings us more value than could ever be expressed in monetary terms.”

Coop Centro Italia

Source: TechValidate. TVID: D2F-54D-893

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 169-B85-30E

Check out how Qlik helped retail customers get organized this past year:


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