Innovations on the Horizon With Active BI

To accelerate business value and enable a first-class cloud experience for our customers, we continue to shift the focus from passive to active BI with new innovations on the horizon

At the beginning of the year, I shared our direction for 2021 – including our new release and communication cadence. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and partners who appreciate effortlessly receiving the benefit of new and improved capabilities. To support our rapid cloud delivery, we recently launched a new series to ensure that everyone is aware of all the latest enhancements – “SaaS in 60” found in-product and on social channels. We also continue to get welcome feedback through our ideation process in Qlik Community on additional ways we can add more value and make things even easier for customers.

In Q1, we significantly advanced our technology across our data integration and analytics platforms, delivering more ways to help our customers move to the cloud and optimize their data pipelines for Active Intelligence. We kicked off the year announcing exciting new capabilities that are bridging the use of our integration and analytics offering. Specifically, the SAP BW connector now enables you to modernize your SAP environment and get more value from your investment. And most recently we introduced new data catalog capabilities in SaaS which enables users to easily find, classify and determine which data is best to use for their analytics.

Other notable product enhancements now available include:

  • Improvements to Insight Advisor including search-based analysis, natural language interpretations (NLG) in search-based insight generation and improved conversational analytics.
  • Improved data alerting capability to provide more logic around how alerts are evaluated. Support for webhooks to automate analytic workflows triggered within our Qlik Sense SaaS environment.
  • Active grid and chart dimensions, combo chart improvements, advanced chart styling, a new video player component, the use of master measures in expressions, and more.
  • New options to customize and manage your analytics in the Cloud Hub to showcase and reveal the most relevant data and apps and expanded in-product onboarding and enablement.

As we kick off the new quarter, we are pleased to announce just a few of the new innovations that we will be launching in Q2. These capabilities are all aimed at helping you move from passive to active BI. To have an active data analytics pipeline and moving beyond the traditional dashboard so you can consume insights and respond in real-time.

Qlik Cloud Data Services this Hybrid Data Delivery Service supports our Active Intelligence vision by continuously streaming on-premise and cloud data to Qlik Cloud Services for immediate data analysis and exploration.

Collaborative Notes enabling users to add narrative and context to analytics and create discussion threads to interact with others actively around data. This is based on our acquisition of Knarr from last year

Self-Service Reporting Allowing users to subscribe to charts or sheets for scheduled and PDF report distribution via email. Expand insights by including a link back into the Qlik Sense app at the analytic point of report presentation.

Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS is a new, fully native app for iOS and Android that provides an enhanced user experience, fully interactive online and offline analysis, and integrated push alerting to drive action at the point of decision. Some of you may have seen my teaser about this last week!

All these exciting topics will be front and center at the upcoming QlikWorld Online conference. Register to attend our Product Keynote and breakout sessions where we delve into detail on our current and future innovations on how Qlik helps our customers transform data into informed actions to drive better decisions.

New innovations are on the horizon. After a solid Q1, @jamesafisher offers up some #analytics & #data capabilities to expect in Q2

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