How To Never Lose That Document Again

As my kids would say “I’m not gonna lie” but sometimes I have to pinch myself while working for Qlik. Why’s that I hear you cry. Well readers, in my years working for Insurers, Banks and financial regulators, I never met a customer that got excited about the products we were selling.

I mean, really, when was the last time you told your insurance company that you love your auto insurance policy. No doubt, you’re grateful for it when you make a claim, but it’s unlikely that you love it. But in my role, I regularly meet customers that tell me how much they love Qlik and how it has transformed an archaic process or knocked weeks off their reporting processes.

I don’t just get to hear this from our customers, I get to experience it myself. Now, as you might imagine, we use our own software extensively here at Qlik. Every team across the business have their own apps to help them understand their own performance and improve the way they run their business. For example, our Finance teams have three must-use Qlik Sense apps which help them to run their function every day. Our marketing team uses Qlik Sense to monitor the success of our marketing campaigns and then they use their analysis to refine and improve their next campaigns. And as you can imagine we have a host of apps to support our Sales function with solutions to measure pipeline generation, performance against targets and sales bookings.

I doubt that this comes as a surprise to you, but there a couple of apps we use here that are a little different and that really show the versatility of Qlik Sense. My personal favorite is a little app we call Reference 360. In a nutshell, it’s an Indexing App or you could think of it as a Search tool for documents. It allows us to find a specific document from a repository of almost 5,000 docs by using the filters and search capabilities built into Qlik Sense. Each record in the Reference 360 App shows metadata about the document and has a link to the item in our Document Repository. So, when a user finds the item they are looking for, a copy of the document is instantly downloaded to their PC.

For me and my colleagues this is a serious time saver and makes the process of finding exactly the right document easy and quick. In previous jobs I have wasted days per month just trying to find or obtain key project, risk and audit documentation. So, imagine with me for moment how this type of indexing or inventory app could be used in financial services:

  1. A bank holds thousands (if not millions) of documents for things like Credit Security, Application Forms, Contracts etc. These could all be stored in a document repository with a simple index created with metadata and a link for each document. Finding the specific item you need with a Qlik Sense Indexing App would then be easy.

  2. All Financial Services companies undertake a huge number of projects each year and finding the right staff, consultants or contractors with the required skills can be a nightmare. Our Indexing App linked to a workforce system would make finding those skilled resources a much better task.

  3. And here’s an ironic use case (in fact one we use ourselves), an Index App for all reports, dashboards and business intelligence. Which, when you think about it is not so strange because organizations create a vast array of internal and external facing reports. And knowing which reports or dashboards are in existence, who created them and what they are for could be extremely valuable.

So next time you spend several hours hunting down that report you read a few months ago, think about how Qlik and an Indexing App could help you to find it and transform your business. If you want to try something similar, check out the Garden section on our Qlik Branch website, this is a Qlik mashup Index site and helps you to find the extensions, widgets and other add-ons for Qlik Sense and QlikView.

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