How Companies That Really Help the World Run Leverage Data for Impact Through Qlik

I’ve always been fascinated to learn about sizable companies who I hadn’t realized have been providing a critical service or product for many years. One such business is Greene Tweed, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance materials which are used in many applications. One example - if you’ve even flown on a large commercial airplane, the brakes use Greene Tweed material to stop the plane after landing. Pretty important!

Qlik recently featured Greene Tweed in a webinar talking about how Qlik is helping them evolve into a fully data-driven company. A few years ago, when Greene Tweed executives published company goals for the next decade, the IT group quickly realized they needed to help the company become data driven, and fast! They were already using Qlik Sense, but realized they needed to take a step back and think about the bigger picture. Greene Tweed started by looking at how to best format and build processes from an analytics point of view. They also configured their applications and dashboards to be repeatable and consistent across the enterprise.

Greene Tweed then enhanced their data strategy by implementing Qlik Data Integration. The initial phase focused on transferring information from SAP into Microsoft Azure Synapse so more data consumers could easily access SAP information for analytics. Next was the expansion into IoT, pulling data from manufacturing equipment into the cloud. This allowed Greene Tweed to monitor OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) while also correlating previously disparate sets of data. For example, they can now associate what was happening on the production floor with the corresponding SAP work orders. Greene Tweed estimates that deploying Qlik helped them reduce time to insights by 65%!

Greene Tweed continues to expand the kinds of data they are moving into the cloud, including digital product images for quality control and hourly queries of UPS to closely monitor and react to supply chain changes. And they are automatically parsing emails to extract relevant data for storage to streamline their data management practices.

Being able to access a wide variety of up-to-date information gives Greene Tweed real-time awareness of many aspects of their business that can drive immediate action, truly living the vision of active intelligence. Hear more about how Greene Tweed made everything Qlik for their business in our on-demand webinar, “When You Liberate Your SAP Data, Everything Qliks.


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