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Qonnections 2018 in Orlando brought great sessions, fun keynotes, big announcements, and a huge Healthcare turnout. We had 17 dedicated healthcare sessions covering a variety of topics from the opioid epidemic to nursing informatics, to curing information blindness to predicting length of stay and visualizing the human genome. My head is still spinning from all of the stories and insights shared.

This year we also launched a poster challenge and asked our healthcare clients to hearken back to Science Fair days and create a poster highlighting their most innovative analytics use cases. We were pleased to have 23 beautifully crafted posters lining the hallways outside of the breakout rooms. People gathered between sessions, reading, taking photos, and voting on Twitter (check out the vibrant #Qonnections tweets).

Here are just some of value statements from the healthcare posters:

  • Reduced nosocomial influenza infection by 40%
  • Decreases in hospital cardiac arrest, mortality, unplanned ICU transfers, and increase of 62% in follow-up actions
  • Achieved revenue stabilization within 13 days post- EHR go-live vs. 4 months experienced by other facility in system.
  • 4% increase in OR utilization
  • Developed new product lines, expanded services, and opened locations.
  • Multi-discipline collaboration to drive down unnecessary imaging, reduce opioid Rx, and decrease admissions of patients presenting with low back pain in the Emergency Department
  • Instituted KPIs system-wide and excessive leave liability reduced $5M over 20 months, 20% increase in appraisal compliance
  • 25% improvement of documentation of Asthma Control Test scores which in turn impacts care delivery
  • 65% reduction in time from OR to discharge for abscess patients

With so much to cover, I will be summarizing the 17 healthcare sessions, the 23 posters, and announcing the poster challenge winners on our Qonnections Healthcare Recap - May 17th at 2pm ET. Register to get the recording and access to detailed materials.

Healthcare sessions at Qonnections had a unique twist. Joe Warbington highlights some key takeaways from this year's participants.


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