Golf Balls, Banking Profits and Big Data Approaches

Combining big data, Internet of Things and analytics to deliver higher customer satisfaction and high profitability.

In fact, over the last 12-18 months we have proudly co-presented game-changing technology/analytics solutions with

  • Citigroup,
  • Morgan Stanley,
  • Wells Fargo Securities

To mix it up, our most recent presentation introduced the concept of learning from other industries and we demonstrated two big data solutions with Qlik to attendees from the WSTA member firms.

“Look for creative people who aren’t constrained by the assumed limitations and mental schemas of your own professional world. These are people who….may be more likely to come up with breakthrough thinking.” – Marion Poetz, Nikolaus Franke, Martin Schreier, Harvard Business Review (November 21, 2014)

On this day, we had two very experienced professionals in the financial services space present very innovative solutions that originated from the telecom and the entertainment industries which definitely reached outside our “own professional world”.

The demonstrations showcased the optionality Qlik provides when delivering big data solutions. These buttons (or techniques) can be pushed as a standalone solution or any combination of these buttons can be pushed as the complexity of your project increases.

#BigData, #IoT & #Analytics can lead to increased customer satisfaction and higher profit margins with #Qlik

This optionality is unique to Qlik and a fundamental reason 47 out of the top 50 financial services institutions use the Qlik platform, and over 3,000 banks, insurance companies and capital markets firms across the globe use the Qlik platform.

The presentations below had three common traits:

  • They were presented by professionals with deep financial services experience
  • They are proven as repeatable methodologies utilized by our partners and customers
  • The original concept was traced to companies outside of the financial services industry

Presentation 1: On-Demand App Generation

(Sam Pena, Qlik Solution Architect Manager)

Sam Pena has worked in Qlik's New York office for four years and before that he played a key role in bringing the Qlik platform to Deutsche Bank driving over $1.5 million in annual savings.

His demo highlighted a technique called “On-Demand App Generation” and an example of this being implemented by our customer is documented by ITWeb here.

“With our choice for Qlik and Teradata to access large data sets for business discovery, our customers are able to intuitively analyze over a terabyte of data with ‘speed of thought’ response times, without limitations.” – Stefaan Paridaens, Data Warehouse Development Manager, BICS

A video for this solution has been posted in the Financial Services Group on Qlik Community. The link to that post is here.

Presentation 2: Driving Customer Insights with Big Data and Internet of Things

(Mark Meersman, Managing Partner of IPC Global)

IPC Global has been involved with Qlik for over 13 years and has been awarded Qlik’s Global Partner of the Year among other awards. Their success in the financial services space is documented through several industry specific applications featured in Qlik Market and have helped large regional banks such as SunTrust find new ways to gain a competitive advantage from their analytics platform (check out this webinar to find out more about the Qlik journey at SunTrust). In Mark’s words:

"We strive to be the best in the world at just a few things: Qlik, Amazon Web Services and Hadoop."

We captured him presenting a compelling big data (44 billion records, 3 million customers and 20+ million games played), Internet of Things & analytics story from the entertainment industry, here is the video of his experience with Top Golf.


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