For Corporations and Employees, Data Literacy Will Only Continue To Be More and More Relevant

As the Global Head of Data Literacy at Qlik, I certainly have an impassioned – and, some might say, naturally biased – opinion about the importance of data literacy. At QlikWorld, there will be a number of sessions touching on data literacy and related topics, a few of which I’ll highlight below. Although just a sampling, these sessions emphasize the growing significance of being data literate as a citizen and as a worker in today’s work.

Sifting Fact From Opinion – A Key Aspect of Data Literacy

One of the general sessions at QlikWorld will touch on how we sift through information to determine what’s fact vs. opinion – a key aspect of data literacy – and what we could and should be doing to address this challenge. Lambert Hogenhout (Chief Data and Analytics Officer at the United Nations Office for Information and Communications Technology) will discuss the data-driven approaches used by the U.N. and how we can all become citizen data scientists for good.

The Data Literacy Project – Global Survey and Blueprint

The Data Literacy Project has just completed a new global survey and report on the upskilling evolution in data literacy which Accenture will present in the breakout session “Data Literacy Project: Upskilling in Data Literacy, Our Blueprint and What 7,500 People Think About Data Literacy.” Based on this research, Qlik and Accenture have created a data literacy blueprint providing practical insights and actionable steps to help businesses to deploy data literacy across their enterprises. The authors of the report will talk about their approach and findings from the responses of 1,200+ C Suite executives and 6,000+ employees in seven countries. They will share what the survey participants said about Data Literacy, and what the survey told us about the opportunities, challenges and outright surprises to be found while working to improve the use of data. We'll talk about the experiences that we distilled into the blueprint and how companies can improve their use of data.

Regeneron – Data Literacy is Data Value Realization

Regeneron, one of our customers, will be joining me for a session, titled “Regeneron’s Data Literacy Journey.” The C-suite is recognizing that the top reasons why their data and analytics investments are not reaching their potential are: Lack of understanding of how to use analytics to improve the business, lack of data and analytics skills, and cultural obstacles to sharing data. Data literacy aims to tackle all of these to achieve data value realization. At this session, Regeneron’s Vinay Dheer (Director, Data & Analytics Culture, Strategy and Literacy) will explore how Regeneron launched a Data Literacy program targeting its entire 10,000+ workforce.

Data Literacy in the Real World

Lastly, I’ll be a member of a panel discussion, titled “Data Literacy in the Real World.” Data Literacy is rapidly becoming competitive a necessity for leading organizations. Upskilling a workforce to confidently read, write, analyze, and communicate with data is a fundamental part of becoming data driven. Starting this transformation can be daunting and requires a clear strategy, pragmatic roadmap, and executive buy-in. Members of this panel will share their experiences launching data literacy programs and share what they have learned. They will also discuss how to build a business case to get started, as well as best practices, pitfalls, practical first steps, and models to scale adoption and continuously improve. Real-world case studies will describe the people, process, and technology investments needed to create a data literate culture.

The last session truly emphasizes the business criticality of data literacy and how it can be achieved. It also best encapsulates my philosophy about data literacy. Although models exists and many programs have been successfully implemented, achieving data literacy is an iterative, recursive process, with many potential learning lessons. If you’re in charge of leading data literacy at your organization, join us at QlikWorld to learn from true pioneers. If you haven’t already, I invite you to register now.


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