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How to save time and jumpstart your data discovery app library.

There’s a magical moment when a person sees a data discovery or visualization tool for the first time. Almost always their reaction is “Wow, I want to be able to analyze my data like that!” And thus starts their journey to acquire a data visualization platform and identify the data sources that they want to analyze.

But once the platform is installed and data is loaded, the next question will be, “what do you want in your apps?” Usually people know their KPI’s, perhaps have a few graphs that they want to replicate, but creating a true data discovery experience that drives the most insights can be challenging.

Designing full-featured data discovery apps takes time, but the good news is that with Qlik, it’s easy to begin building an app right away. Then you can change and tweak it as you start to see how your data looks using various visualization techniques. But, what if you are anxious to get up and running quickly? Or perhaps don’t have the staff to dedicate on a design-build-repeat process? Or you want to incorporate other best practices to gain the greatest return on your investment? We often get this question: “I’m sure you’ve done something like this before, can you give me some ideas or have something I can use?”

That’s where our pre-built apps, Qlik Accelerators, come in. Built based on past customer experiences and focused on solving your business use cases, they come in handy to use for internal proof of concepts and/or phase one projects. Even if the pre-built app doesn’t address everything you need, as is, it’s usually a good place to start because it gets you from nothing to something your users can actually use in the shortest amount of time.

Jumpstart your #datviz app library w/#Qlik's fast track solution

Just the ability to have some pre-defined visualizations, based on other real-world apps over similar data, helps you more quickly identify and express your unique requirements. One company told us after seeing a Qlik Accelerator designed for their need, “that’s exactly what I was looking for, I just didn’t know how to explain it”.

For more information on how our Qlik Accelerators can help you get a jumpstart on building out an app or set of apps, check out this video:


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