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What does it really mean to have analytics everywhere?

If you could have analytics everywhere, there would be an abundance of insights, which could lead to a boom in decision making on nearly every level, regardless of the situation or user. This is the notion behind the importance of embedded analytics.

At Qlik, we see embedded analytics as a seamless integration of data analytics in applications that deliver immediate business value to the everyday business user. Embedded analytics can range from a simple solution such as embedding an object into webpage, to mash-ups of far more complex use cases such as placing analytic capabilities with visualizations directly into applications, such as ERP, CRM or financial management – providing users with relevant insights instantly within a working environment.

Being aware of 'in context' insights right away is going to enable users to not only act fast, but also be more actionable with their insights. The forethought behind the ‘Analytics Everywhere’ webinar series was to help businesses transition into a phase where business applications evolve from simply presenting ‘analytics’ as a separate tab with a different user interface, to providing a seamless user experience where analytics are presented and embedded within the core application workflow – delivering a seamless, unified user experience.

Through the ‘Analytics Everywhere’ webinar we brought together some of the brightest minds in the BI and data analytics world. With sessions being led by speakers from Eckerson Group, TDWI and Qlik, attendees discovered ways that embedded analytics could add value to their businesses and learned about innovative ways to implement it within their applications. During these sessions, attendees asked questions to the subject matter ‘experts’, and below you will find some key takeaways:

Q: “How is Qlik different from other BI tools?”

A: What makes Qlik different is the Qlik Associative Model based on Qlik associative engine that enables users to freely explore their data using simple searches and selections. The Qlik engine provides associative data indexing, dynamic calculations, complex relationships that would not be visible via query-based approach.

Q: “Why the focus on 'embedded'? What would 'non-embedded' Analytics look like?”

A: Embedding analytics in new or existing applications gives a lot of possibilities, like showing a dashboard in a corporate portal, or adding analytics seamlessly to applications like CRM or ERP.

Q: “How do organizations connect the dots between having analytics and bringing them to the decision maker? How can you ensure that communication continues between the user and the developer to confirm that the Dashboards answer the right questions”?

A: This is what we call "data driven" company: every app you build with Qlik is immediately available on multiple devices and users, with an enterprise governance to rule the access and rights. There are several use cases of companies using Qlik to support almost all decision makers and business workers in the organization.

Q: “How do you manage the high volumes of data needed for embedded solutions without consuming memory resources when the solution is shared globally with hundreds of users accessing the data at the same time?”

A: The Qlik Associative Engine offers a very efficient way to work with data in memory. We have several use cases with thousands of active users, without the needs of a big hardware investment.

Due to the success of this webinar series, we will continue to invest and evolve this series to address a wider array of topics around the power of Embedded Analytics, and will focus on topics such as use case scenarios and how they can provide organizations greater insights by integrating embedded analytics into apps. Stay tuned for additional "best practices" with embedded analytics. To learn more about the advantages of implementing analytics everywhere click here.

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