Don’t Miss It: Upcoming QlikWorld Panel Addresses Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Social Media

As data people, we think a lot about the potential of data to our enterprise today, but we also think a lot about tomorrow. What will AI bring to our world? How do we create processes and structures that make sure that we retain some of our humanity as more and more decisions are made by algorithms? These questions are becoming increasingly important as we build machines that recognize situations that humans alone cannot; as we assess how to incorporate ethics into machine learning; and as we watch the impacts of social media to simultaneously create social interaction, but also plant the seeds of division.

At QlikWorld, I will have the pleasure of introducing you to three amazing thinkers who can help us imagine and shape this future world of data and analytics. They offer a wealth of research and experience in the future of artificial intelligence, robotics and social media.

  • Poppy Crum, the Chief Scientist at Dobly Laboratories and Adjunct Professor at Stanford, explores how humans, like many species send off signals – through everything from their pupils to their breathing – that are increasingly actionable to AI-enabled devices. She imagines a world in which the digital world can recognize and react to our needs and examines the implications of consent in such a world.
  • Kate Darling, a researcher at MIT Media Labs, explores our relationships with robotics and argues that, although we typically imagine a future of robots imitating human behavior, a far better model is that of animals. She then explores the implications of this model with respect to ethics, law and human emotions.
  • And Nicholas Thompson, CEO of The Atlantic and avid distance runner, explores the impact of social media and its impacts on society, from the Arab Spring to the current state of political division in the United States and UK, among other countries. He provides fresh thoughts on how to find the right way to enable free speech while not allowing algorithms to divide us.

It's rare that such a terrific data panel is assembled, and I hope that you will join us on Day 3 of the QlikWorld Conference for what will certainly be a thought-provoking and useful discussion on the future of data analytics and our role as data professionals in shaping it.

The virtual QlikWorld Tour is May 17-19, with visits to select cities beginning in June. Don’t miss it.


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