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Two new 2019 programs to help keep you up to date on the latest product news from Qlik!

We are off to an exciting year here at Qlik with one acquisition under our belt, and another recently announced, along with many remarkable product releases including Qlik Sense Enterprise, Qlik NPrinting, Qlik Data Catalyst and Qlik Associative Big Data Index!

With the recent February 2019 release, and other exciting product news, we aim to keep our customers, prospects and partners informed on our latest product innovations. As part of this effort, we launched Qlik Insider, which is a quarterly webinar series that will allow you to stay connected on our latest releases and the newest features and products in the Qlik portfolio. Register once for this series, and you will have access to all future Qlik Insider webinars, giving you an exclusive look into the latest and greatest product enhancements. But, we are not stopping there, as we want to give Qlik enthusiasts a one stop shop for all product related webinars, demo videos – and more. The Qlik Product Spotlight is a dynamic library of product related content, including previously aired Qlik Insider webinars. We want you to stay informed and enabled on all the exciting things possible with the Qlik Portfolio. Explore the Product Spotlight library and discover new ways to transform your organization.

The first Qlik Insider webinar was well received by attendees and it sparked a lot of interesting questions.Read up on some of the hot topics covered during the first Qlik Insider, on our Product Innovation Blog.

To read more detail on some of the popular topics covered on the webinar, check out the recent blogs from our team of experts:

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