Developer Roundup Volume I

The latest on how we’re working with those who code.

Happy Day of the Developer! At Qlik, we love those who code who help power a lot of the innovations we use at work, school, home and more. At Qlik, developers create new open source libraries, innovate on our current products, imagine new ones and more. But while we employ developers at Qlik (see such job openings here), we recognize the magic that occurs when external developers engage with us by using and building on top of our platform. That’s why we’ve started this quarterly Developer Roundup where we’ll share the latest developer happenings at Qlik.

Meet the New Qlik Branch

Because we love developers, we just gave our developer experience a fresh new look. Meet the new Qlik Branch at The new site experience features:

  • Qlik Branch Garden — a hub for developers to share and collaborate on open source projects that ignite innovation leveraging Qlik products
  • Qlik Branch Playground — a sandbox for developers to experience the power of Qlik Core for free by running their data through the Qlik Associative Engine to quickly explore, create, share and test their application ideas — right in their browser
  • Qlik Branch Knowledge — tutorials and hacks from Qlik’s developer relations team and squad of 30,000+ developers

Across the site, you can favorite, upvote, downvote and provide comments to content. You can also curate your own content via your user profile and get the latest on upcoming events and news. So, whether you’re a seasoned developer or just beginning your developer journey, join our Qlik Branch squad.

As you get to know the new Qlik Branch, share your feedback via the #branch-website Qlik Branch Slack channel. And if you love it, help us get the word out on social using #NewBranchOut.

Do you know TED?

The Trusted Extension Developer (TED) Program drives our commitment to the ecosystem who are building and implementing extensions for the Qlik Sense product line. By offering an accreditation program and process, extension development partners gain visibility and broader recognition. For implementations using accredited extensions, it will reinforce the knowledge that these extensions have been scrutinized, verified and confirmed that the author is standing behind their work.

Get to know TED by viewing the current certified extensions on Qlik Market and by registering your interest to be a part of it at Qlik Branch.

Get Started with Qlik Core

Qlik Core is an analytics development platform built around our powerful Associative engine and Qlik-authored open source libraries. Have you taken a look? Get started building custom, reactive data-driven applications and visualizations with our tutorials…

  • Hello Engine — gets you running the Qlik Associative Engine as a Docker container and using enigma.js to communicate with it
  • Hello Data — gets you loading user data into Qlik Associative Engine using load script and halyard.js.
  • Hello Visualization — gets you building visualizations using picasso.js.

Qlik + developers = <3 with #NewBranchOut, our Trusted Extension Developer Program and #QlikCore. Get the latest on our first-ever developer roundup.


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