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LAGO Furniture uses Qlik to better understand customer relationships and brand perception.

I couldn’t blame you for not associating analytics with family-run, high-end Italian furniture companies – until now. LAGO was established in the late nineteenth century, and focuses on furniture designed for living and sleeping areas.

LAGO had a problem – they needed a way to analyze customer relationships and measure brand perception and performance of individual product lines. They also needed a way to provide this information to management, as well as get it in the hands of the sales and marketing departments. This proved to be quite the challenge, as they needed to integrate and analyze data from multiple sources, such as their CRM and social media, and present that data in a way that every employee could understand.

How did LAGO Furniture use #QlikSense to better analyze customer experience? See how here:

The solution? An application that measures revenue generated from new customers and tracks the productivity of the sales model to plan targeted investments. An application that can answer questions like “What customer experiences generate more orders?”, “Why do they work?”, “In which country do they work best?”

With Qlik Sense, LAGO now understands the future needs of customers, and creates products based on actual market demand. Management’s decision-making is supported at a strategic level, and the entire supply chain can be displayed on an easy-to-understand dashboard, which sales and marketing are able to access on any mobile device.

LAGO currently has 170 employees, a €30 million turnover, over 400 furniture stores around the world, and shows no signs of slowing down.


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