Data Science Fair at Qonnections 2019

Showcase your best apps with our new Transforming with Data Challenge

Last year at Qonnections, I invited our healthcare customers to submit a poster to highlight their work. Within 2 weeks, 24 posters were sent in and we had them printed and displayed for all of the Qonnections attendees to browse between sessions. It brought back memories of science fair projects and blue ribbons. It was a hit!

“Instituted KPIs system wide and excessive leave liability reduced $5M over 20 months, 20% increase in appraisal compliance.”

“The app is already helping to reduce the significant costs, wasted resources and most importantly, patient morbidity associated with over-servicing our patients.”

“65% reduction in time from operating room to discharge for abscess patients.”

“Two nursing units recognized an increase in follow up actions from red alerts from 23% to 85%.”

“Reduced nosocomial influenza infections by 40%.”

Those were just some of the value statements and discoveries detailed on the submissions. Pretty powerful insights driving change in their organizations.

This year, we’re bring back the contest, and it’ll be bigger and better. We’ve opened up the challenge to ALL industries, and customers near and far are welcome to submit their best analytics use cases in the form of a large format poster. The Transforming with Data Challenge webpage recently opened up with all of the details and a PowerPoint template that you can follow to showcase how your organizations leads with data.

Do you have a great use case for analytics in your organization? Something that has changed processes, or opened up new business opportunities, or helped you to better understand your customers? We want to hear your story – and so do the thousands of Qonnections attendees. We’re going to print the top submissions and people will be able to vote through our new Qonnections mobile app during the conference. Prizes are still being determined, but trust me – it’ll be worth it.

So, start brainstorming which app is your best and get crafting that poster!

Submit before May 7th, 2019

See how you and your org can share your #digitaltransformation success at #Qonnections!


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