Data Revolution Tour 2019 – Deeper Insights from Your Data

About this time last year I wrote a blog from a picturesque balcony overlooking Mont Blanc in France. At the time I was talking about what 3rd generation BI meant to us at Qlik. Well a year on, I’m packing my bags to head off on our Data Revolution Tour 2019. It's also fair to say 3rd generation BI has now well and truly arrived, as I shared with you a few weeks ago in another blog titled “The Future is Now”.

I’m excited to be able to kick-off this year's Data Revolution Tour in Sydney, Australia which is the first of 16 stops we’ll be making around the world – ending in Mumbai, India in November. The timing could not be more perfect, and as we wrap up the preparations I’m looking forward to sharing our point of view on what is happening in this exciting space.

Firstly, there’s a massive amount of opportunity out there for us all, and the realization that making investments in data and analytics can, if done right, create huge enterprise value that is stronger than ever. At the same time however folks remain concerned. Socially, the use of data is coming under ever increasing scruitiny following recent well publicized and perhaps overly politicized events. Organizations on the other hand are looking to navigate this minefield, while driving value but also keeping one (or more) eyes on what the big cloud platforms are doing by trying to hoard data as much of their customers data in their platforms. trying to hoard data as much of their customers data in their platforms.

There’s a lot to discuss, and a lot to show as well. Working with partners Snowflake and DataRobot we’ll show how we support the creation of data pipelines that bring your data to where you want it. We’ll show you how we can make that data accessible to business users regardless of the analytics platform you are using, and we’ll show how the latest thinking in augmented analytics and machine learning can help drive engagement and improve data literacy.

Naturally, we will also be getting into the product portfolios, the roadmaps and will be hearing from some great customers and partners about what they are doing to drive value in their organizations. We are also really excited to have a dedicated data track at each event where we will be explaining how our new data integration platform brings together the Attunity products with our existing Qlik Data Catalyst solution.

So whether your are an existing Qlik or Attunity customer, a partner, in IT, a business user or data architect this years Data Revolution Tour events are a must. I know I for one am excited to be able to speak at 6 of the events and I look forward to seeing you all there.

It's that time of the year again! Our own @jamesafisher shares how next generation #BI fits into #DataRevTour and what attendees can expect.

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