Data Brilliant: Why Data Makes You a Better Colleague?

Right now, we’re coming into contact with more data than ever before – from what we see in the news to our professional and personal lives. Graphs and charts are commonplace on front pages and no matter who you are, where you work or where you live, data is no doubt playing an even more significant role in your life.

To help shape the conversation around data, and in a time when we’re all largely at home, arguably consuming more content than ever before, we’ve launched the Data Brilliant podcast. Each month, we’ll be joined by specialist guests as they dig deep into how data is reshaping the world’s businesses, the relationships we hold with each other, and the society we live in.

The series will talk to the vital role of data in our everyday lives; from how we interact and communicate with each other around the world, how we innovate, work every day and how it’s influencing culture. On our journey together, we will also showcase examples of how positive action through data can serve society at all levels and provide real life stories and advice on how to accelerate business value through data.

In our first episode, I spoke with recognized technology and workplace thought leader, Meghan M. Biro (@MeghanMBiro) on how data is shaping our working relationships.

As we all get used to operating and working in a “new state of normal”, we discussed the increasingly important role of an organization’s people – that’s me and you – and the forces that are redefining our working relationships (for the good and bad). We talked about what the impact will be on how we lead, manage and collaborate. We also explored how data and technology can be used to enhance the working experience, inspire and support teams during the uncertain times ahead and debated the future of the workplace – and society – in the months and years to come.

So, what did I learn from our conversation? Not only did Meghan and I just find out that we lived very close to each other for almost a decade of our lives, without ever meeting in person, but I also learned three valuable lessons for working, leading and collaborating during this unprecedented time:

  1. We need humor and humanity during this world in crisis: Empathy has never been more important for us as leaders and employees, but also as citizens, family members and friends. For those fortunate enough to be able to work from home, we’re getting a glimpse into each other’s lives and this should be taken as a huge positive. We should use this time to re-evaluate how we work and collaborate through technology and get to know our colleagues and for leaders, our teams better (including their kids, spouses or parents that might sometimes pop up on screens during a conference call).
  2. Data Literacy is today, more important than ever: We need to become better data storytellers. We need to be able to convey data in a way that's accurate, but not boring. We need to be able to get back to basics and encourage and support each other to upskill and become data literate so that we all can absorb and understand the data that we’re seeing every day so we can all make informed decisions, based on facts and numbers, not ‘fake news’.
  3. Leaders need to over communicate and use data to make crucial decisions and support their people in these uncertain times: We need to take this time to get smart about using data, to develop business strategies and people decisions. No matter what part of the world or what sector you’re working in, if you're an HR or business leader, you're going to have to commit to using data and technology to benefit people and support them.

Meghan, thank you again for joining us for the inaugural Data Brilliant discussion. And remember, new episodes will appear monthly on the Qlik Executive Insights Center – THE destination that keeps business leaders up to date on the latest trends and strategies in data integration, data analytics, and data literacy.

Listen to Data Brilliant now:

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