Customer Spotlight: DarkMatter2bd - The Trouble With Billions

How DarkMatter2bd clients use an associative analytics engine to pull insights from 30+ years of historical data records.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have been key players in the national debate on healthcare reform and the case to implement an analytics solution is stronger now than ever.

As a whole, these industries generate amazing amounts of data. Patient records are constantly in flux with new information added frequently. The baby boomer generation is rapidly moving towards retirement and the demand that will be placed on primary care physicians and hospitals will skyrocket. The trail of data from medical records is more valuable every day as a source for trends and tendencies that can achieve dramatic results in the form of better outcomes. For the pharmaceutical industry, the targeting of patients for experimental treatments and trials is paramount, but how will the data be easily accessed and analyzed? What are you supposed to rely on as a pharmaceutical company?

Take a company like DarkMatter2bd, based out of Doylestown, PA. The company was founded in 2012 by two pharmaceutical industry veterans with 50 years of combined experience. They leverage a powerful database known as MedFuse™, which utilizes historical claims data, physician records and social networking data from a wide range of sources. This database was also used to power the physician networking site, Doximity. To combat the chaotic influx of patient data, MedFuse™ allows DarkMatter2bdclients to speed up the process of drug delivery, leading to improved patient treatment options. Healthcare providers, physicians, hospitals and BioPharma companies will find this type of data interrogation invaluable as they seek ways to reduce costs and improve care.

Learn how DarkMatter2bd clients pull insights from 30+ years of historical data records using @QlikView

Imagine the challenge of sifting through trillions of rows of healthcare data every day, with billions of new records being generated every year. It’s particularly difficult for pharmaceutical and healthcare decision makers to find the hidden insights within these volumes of information. This is where powerful analytics solutions can cut through the noise to reveal those hidden gems.

Before implementing QlikView to pull insights from their database it took DarkMatter2bd’s clients weeks and months to pull insights from 30+ years of historical data records.

This is where a powerful associative analytics engine has been a savior according to Joe Paciulli, VP Decision Support & Technology for DarkMatter2bd. “Profiling first with QlikView with our large data sets, we were able to sort billions of rows of data into categories we never could before; it is a fantastic way to easily see hidden connections found in the data; ranging in use from disease surveillance to R&D, marketing and sales. We can sort the data by patient conditions, geographic dimensions, diagnosis and medical procedures as well as dimensions on physician affiliations, relationships and specialty.”

“We now have over 75 QVWs or applications covering many therapeutic classes with each application averaging over 2 billion rows and the largest being over 3 billion rows. These applications have saved us time in numerous ways including on pre-launch targeting for clinical trials. Now we can easily do analytics that impacts a product’s time to market. In this case, the process of protocol evaluations and analysis of patient populations for clinical trials has never been easier! Our clients can also perform thought leader mapping, trending and market analytics instantly now with QlikView.”

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