Customer Spotlight: Connecting Data to Connect People

Polycom calls on Qlik to identify campaign trends and further analyze their marketing data.

It’s never too late to turn to data analytics, even for an established, multinational corporation like California-based Polycom. An industry leader in workplace collaboration, it’s highly likely you’ve seen one of their conferencing phones in your office, or had a virtual meeting using their video technology.

Polycom employs about 2,800 people, holds over 950 technology patents, and provides solutions to over 400,000 customers. From your office to offices all over the world, Polycom helps customers defy distance to connect people and increase productivity. It’s easy to see how a company of that magnitude would truly benefit from efficient and effective data analysis.

Polycom was having issues extracting meaningful insights from their data, particularly within their marketing department. They needed quick reporting, and a methodology for creating alignment within the department. Most importantly, they wanted a better answer to the perennial question: what was the impact of their marketing campaigns?

Polycom’s marketing team was pulling Excel-based reports from Salesforce for their analytics, but soon realized that it was limiting. Rather than seeing the history behind their customer data, Salesforce only provided the “last touch,” or the final encounter between the customer and Polycom. There were limited trends and insights into the whole story of the data. Marketing employs different strategies along the buyer’s journey, so when the only thing the team could see was the final marketing interaction and not how the customer got to that point, there was a major deficiency. Polycom’s Marketing team decided they needed more from their data:

“We were wasting time where people were copy and pasting data from various places and presenting it in different ways. We were lacking global consistency in reporting. We needed a single source of truth – a self-service ‘help yourself’ way to access data,” said Pia Rieppo, Director of Marketing Operations.

ICYMI @Polycom went from "gut feel" to objectively knowing what’s working with #Qlik:

While other departments at Polycom had been using QlikView for years, the marketing department at Polycom was the very first to employ Qlik Sense. Last year, Qlik Sense was deployed across the department for 160 users. A central “single source of truth” reporting platform was created. The team took reports from Salesforce and Excel and coalesced them under one roof using Qlik Sense. With 8+ dashboards created in Qlik Sense, the Polycom marketing team could finally answer key questions about performance. For example, the team now had an easier way to determine how many dollars were being brought in by each campaign taking all the marketing campaign interactions into consideration. (This is known as multi-touch campaign attribution in the industry.) According to Rieppo:

“I’m excited about the data analysis capabilities Qlik Sense provides. We use it for holistic reporting dashboards for consistency and efficiency. Marketing is increasingly a data rich function with a plethora of disparate data sources; Qlik is well positioned to help marketing extract value from all this data to drive key decisions that ultimately have a positive impact on improving more efficient spend of our budget.”

By implementing Qlik, the time spent on reporting and data reconciliation was largely reduced. Decision making was improved as well, thanks to these new consistent and rich views into their data. Qlik enabled Polycom to see not only the bottom line numbers, but also the meaningful history and patterns behind them. Polycom’s marketing story is a reminder that it’s not necessary to be an IT expert to be a data champion, as illustrated by Rieppo:

“[We] went from gut feel to objectively knowing what’s working. Using Excel spreadsheets was time consuming, but now our team can change filters in Qlik and easily drill down into more details.”

Polycom’s marketing team plans to go further with Qlik with the incorporation of additional data sources such as Eloqua, external social media sources, and more. Keeping the world connected isn’t a simple job, so Qlik is happy to provide all the intuitive analytics that Polycom needs to make it a little easier.


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