Customer Spotlight: All Aboard for Real-Time Data Analysis

ITG Creator uses Qlik to visualize real-time customer data for their clients

UK-based ITG Creator, the creative agency behind brands such as Virgin Media, Liberty Global, First Choice, and more, began as a simple email marketing company 10 years ago. As the world has become more and more technological, marketing teams and agencies are now faced with a multitude of ways to electronically reach their customers, bringing along both opportunities and challenges.

For ITG Creator, they have taken the advances in stride, now offering a full range of digital, creative services, all aimed towards providing “customer-centric” content for their clients.

For customer Virgin Trains, ITG Creator wanted to deliver live “voice of the customer” data right into the hands of their clients, based on the collection and collation of customer sentiment. They knew they could rapidly improve customer experience, loyalty, and increase satisfaction by having the ability to survey real-time customer sentiment online, but they did not have the analytic capabilities to do so. Sourcing from multiple data entry points and condensing the data into a single view was a challenge they needed to solve. As Chris McDermott, Virgin Trains Advocacy Manager noted:

“We’re all about putting our customers at the heart of what we do here at Virgin Trains. That means making changes to our business based on what our customers tell us is important to them. To do that, we like to use the best tools in the industry to better understand what our customers are asking for.”

Customer sentiment updates in real-time? #Qlik does that & more for ITG Creator

Working with Qlik, ITG Creator was able to create the “Awesometer” for Virgin Trains, an award-winning reporting application that solved their challenges by providing real-time visualizations of customer feedback. Working on both desktop and mobile, the Awesometer has analyzed over 300,000 customer survey responses, with 500,000 comments captured, analyzed and visualized, and is available to 700 members of the Virgin Trains staff.

The staff can identify any issues and take steps to increase satisfaction. The app includes trend analysis, customer loyalty, and customer sentiment by station, train or route, with users able to assess customer satisfaction by hour, day, week or month, to keep track of improvements over time. Speaking to the success of the usage of Qlik is Kinnari Ladha, Marketing Insights Director at ITG Creator:

"We reviewed a variety of business intelligence systems and selected Qlik’s visual analytics platform as the stand-out technology for creating apps for Virgin Trains and other clients. Qlik’s technology has helped us transform data into actionable insights that give our clients an important business advantage. Awesometer is a result of an extremely fruitful collaboration between ITG, Qlik, and Virgin Trains.”

Since using the Qlik app, Virgin Trains reports that customer sentiment scores have improved by 8% overall in categories such as boarding & seating, staff friendliness, and space satisfaction.


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